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Moving to CA with an Out-of-State DUI

los angeles dui lawyerIf you are considering moving to CA with an out-of-state DUI you may be looking for information to help you figure out what to do regarding your DUI. The following information can help guide you.

Moving to CA with an Out-of-state DUI

Yet to Attend Court – If you have been charged with DUI and you have not yet appeared in court for your DUI case, you should not just forget about it and consider it gone just because you moved. You must appear in court. If you do not turn up in court a warrant will be issued for your arrest, which will result in more trouble with the courts than just the initial DUI. You may have to make plans to return to the state where the DUI occurred. If you are to plead not guilty your case will go to trial, you must also be present for the trial date.

Conviction Issued – If you have attended court and you have been found guilty and charged, you will need to follow through on the sentence given to you by the judge. Most states now share DUI conviction information. This means that when you move into California you will be expected to follow the suspension given by the court.

Note that if you are moving to CA with an out-of-state DUI that it may be reassessed by the California DMV. California is one state that will evaluate the DUI conviction to determine if you would have been charged in the state of CA based on the CA laws. It is best to contact a Los Angeles DUI lawyer for more information on these laws.

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You will need to follow the court ruling that was provided to you in the other state. Driving when your license is suspended may cause you more grief than the initial DUI ruling.

Difficulties You May Face

There are some difficulties you may face when moving to CA with an out-of-state DUI. These difficulties would occur no matter what state you are moving to and may include the following;

  • Attempting to get a new license at the DMV. As states’ share data it is likely you will be refused a license until the state mandated time period is up.
  • Getting insurance for a vehicle may be hard once a DUI has been issued. Insurance companies may see you as a liability. You may have to spend extra time searching for an insurance company that is willing to cover you, or you may have to pay higher rates.
  • Job applications are another area that may be affected by a DUI conviction. There is no advantage to lying about a DUI conviction. If found out you will be seen as untrustworthy and may lose your job. Many companies will do background checks also looking into criminal records, including states where you previously lived.

If you need assistance, a Los Angeles DUI lawyer can help. Contact Jon Artz at 310-820-1315 if you would like to speak to a Los Angeles attorney about your case.

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