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DUI Attorney Reviews Los Angeles


DUI Attorney Reviews & Raves for Jon Artz – from grateful Clients and Attorney Colleagues

Jon Artz has a stellar reputation in the courthouse as the father of DUI Defense.

I have a 20-year history of associating with the best attorneys in the business, and in a recent DUI case for a very important and prominent client, I brought in Jon Artz. Early on in the case Mr. Artz won motions that are very difficult to win, and he did so under difficult circumstances.

If you want to have associated counsel in a DUI case, you’d be very smart to associate him in. Jon works well with other attorneys, pays great attention to detail, and has an incredible manner inside the courtroom that makes jurors place their trust in him. The judges all know him, and he knows so much about forensic toxicology that he could easily teach a course on that subject alone.

If you’re really serious about hiring the best DUI defense counsel, you could not possibly go wrong hiring Jon Artz.

The Accident Attorneys’ Group | Robert Allen Koenig Attorney At Law

Probably the best attorney that’s ever come in the Malibu courthouse…

Jon is an absolutely fabulous attorney. I was on the bench at Malibu Superior Court as a Commissioner for 18 years and am now a law professor, and he’s probably the best attorney that’s ever come in the courthouse.

He is one of the foremost speakers on DUI Law in front of the California Defense Bar. As a DUI attorney, he’s a little more aggressive than other attorneys and he’ll hit harder. He writes incredibly creative, brilliant, precise, really strong legal motions that other attorneys haven’t thought of—and then other attorneys follow his lead. He’s one of the people that affected the law in terms of limiting the use of the PAS test in the criminal court. He has been very successful in keeping out key prosecution evidence and then weakening the prosecution’s case so much that they lose.

He’s extremely articulate and fast-thinking—many steps ahead—because he has a really good mind. He’s very good at research, and very skilled in the way he presents on the motions or presents himself in trial, so he gets great results. He also gets along with people, so he can get good settlements, too, because he’s got a very engaging personality. Ninety-five percent of DUI cases settle, so it’s important to have the kind of personality where you can get the settlement.

He’s one of the finest attorneys—and most successful—I’ve ever come across.

Terry Jill Adamson, J.D.
Distinguished Jurist in Residence Pepperdine University School of Law Malibu Superior Court Commissioner (ret.)

Jon Artz is simply the Best DUI Lawyer in California…

Jon Artz is simply
the Best DUI lawyer in California.

Roger Cossack
Legal Analyst for ESPN & TruTV
Distinguished Visiting Professor at Pepperdine University School of Law

One of the hardest working attorneys I have ever met.

Jon is one of the hardest working attorneys I have ever met. He approaches each case creatively and uses his vast knowledge of the law to craft strong and unique arguments.

Meghan Taylor, Attorney

One of the top DUI trial attorneys in Los Angeles.

I have known Mr. Artz for many years now as a fellow attorney. He is definitely one of the top DUI trial attorneys in LA. Mr. Artz is a master at his craft and I would not hesitate to recommend him to a close friend or family member. If you retain Mr. Artz for your DUI case you can be sure you’re in good hands.

Craig Sturm, Attorney

Jon has been a mentor and inspiration to me in my career.

Jon Artz has been a mentor and inspiration to me in my career as a criminal defense lawyer. His knowledge, skill and compassion are an inspiration to us all. Truly top-notch warrior for the defense.

Ed Blum, DUI Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

Jon is the go-to attorney for other attorneys.

I have known Jon for my entire 17 year career as an attorney. He has always been known as a client-centered attorney and the go-to attorney for other attorneys. Whenever an attorney needed to know how to approach a case or handle a situation, you called Jon. He just knew from experience how to fight and win cases and deal with anything, be it a legal question, an ethical issue or just a difficult judge or DA. He is an attorney’s attorney. Attorneys and clients love him. And for good reason: he just wins in and out of the courtroom.

Chris McCann, DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer

Jon is a master at his craft.

Truly top notch in the DUI field out of Los Angeles, CA. I have worked on many cases together with Jon and his knowledge and passion is unmatched in our profession. He truly cares about each and every client in making sure justice prevails in their cases.

Scott D. Henry, Attorney at Law

Jon is the best DUI lawyer in California.

He won the California DUI lawyers association award as the best DUI lawyer and it’s really well deserved. He is so generous with his time, helping other lawyers, providing motions and advice and is very active on the listserv for the hundreds of lawyers that rely on his advice for DUI defense.

He is devoted to his client’s wellbeing. I have seen him really give of his time so if he senses that his client has a drinking problem, he will direct them into AA meetings or drug treatment, depending on what their drug of choice is. He’s not just providing the best criminal defense, he uses the case to try and change the clients life for the better because he feels he might be the only one to have that opportunity to meet that client at the lowest point in their lives where they can finally admit they have a problem with alcohol where many other lawyers will miss that opportunity to recommend treatment for fear of alienating them. He will be an advocate for the treatment for these clients need especially for people with drug alcohol problems.

He is the best DUI defense lawyer in California. Every time there is a trend in DUI defense, such as veteran pre-trial diversion, or, people who have served in the military who have developed PTSD with alcohol abuse, related to their military service, he is actually one of the first to persuade judges that those veterans deserve a program of treatment. Not jail, so they can address the issue.

Lately he has been in the forefront of mental health defense for DUI diversion. He has been fighting on the front lines with reluctant judges and prosecutors in order to persuade them that his clients should have their DUI dismissed through a program of mental health treatment and therapy. He is really a lawyer where other lawyers use his work to get their clients the same sorts of benefits under the new mental health diversion laws.

Gary Kauffman, Attorney At Law in Marin, California

We felt we were in really good hands from the start.

It was a pretty traumatic event for our family for my son to be involved in this situation. We felt we were in really good hands from the start. Jon guided us through the steps, including what would happen and what he felt he would do. We decided to go with him and, being a mother, I was still doubting that things were going to go well. But it went well, it really did. The arrest sort of just disappeared. We had to wait a year to make sure we were in the clear.

What’s interesting is my son is now graduation college, I was afraid he was going to have an arrest record, so I contacted Jon and he guided me through that, to check his record. Whenever I called with questions, the secretaries that answered the phone were always super helpful.

He’s definitely good at what he does and he’s been doing it for so long. He is very honest, which I appreciated. Bad things happen to good people and he was there for us. Thank god! There’s no one else to call but Jon.

Lisa (8/07/2019)

I am over the moon happy with his services and the outcome.

Jon Artz is amazing, stupendous, extraordinary, incredible, impressive and, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. He knows the Law inside and out. He speaks to you in a courteous, polite manner. He tells you like it is in plain English.

He and I were speaking on a Saturday, I just happened to catch him and he was very busy working on a motion for us, but I gotta tell you something – he gave me levity I very much needed, and he told me story about my son, and he’s very personable, and we laughed together and in that moment, he made me laugh, and I really needed that, at that time. Made me feel at ease.

Kim (9/13/2019)

Jon is great; he took care of my legal troubles very smoothly.

He was very communicative throughout the process. Hiring Jon was great experience. I am 100% satisfied. He was very enthusiastic, positive, caring, kind and supportive during the whole process.

C.L. (5/16/2019)

He knows how to get results.

Jon was a complete professional. He listened to everything I had to say and allowed me to ask questions for clarification. His experience was very apparent and he knew how to get the results I needed. I would definitely recommend Jon to others in need of a DUI attorney. He is very smart and his years of experience are extremely helpful. Jon came through for me and was able to clear the charges.

S.L. (5/13/2019)

A smart attorney that knows how to get results.

It was a pleasant experience from beginning to end. I was really stressed out before I reached out to Jon. After talking to him I felt that I was in good hands and that I was dealing with a smart attorney with lots of experience.

I would definitely recommend Jon to anyone in need of an attorney. He’s a smart attorney that knows how to get results.

The charges I was looking at were drunk in public and battery on a police officer/emergency personnel/etc. Jon was confident that he was going to get all charges dismissed before the court date and gave me a detailed strategy on how he was going to do it. He also gave me detailed descriptions of what we would do if charges weren’t dismissed. But he got the charges dismissed before my court date with no case, no conviction, no jail, no probation, and no court fine.

Even though I know Jon is a busy man he still took the time to answer any questions I had which put me at ease during this stressful time.

F.Z. (5/10/2019)

Jon has been absolutely fantastic.

He explained everything very clearly and follows up on everything he says he is going to do. Anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation should only call Mr. Artz.

I was pulled over for speeding at 120 MPH and I had a 0.20% BAC. He strategized with the local DA to cut a fantastic deal. No jail time for me. Jon took care of me and I felt he empathized, and he made sure I knew he would be fighting for me.

G.J. (4/27/2019)

Jon is understanding, compassionate, very energized and positive.

I would highly recommend Jon to my friends and family if they needed a DUI attorney in Los Angeles. He knows his way around the court and is very reassuring. He didn’t make false promises.

He has a sixth sense when it comes to defending his clients. He knows the court, the judge, the people involved, and that’s something you can’t buy. He’s a good man, a good lawyer and he would be my choice again.

B.K. (4/26/2019)

My experience with Jon was a successful and reassuring one.

Jon was very understanding from the beginning, and very professional. He understood we were petrified, but he calmed us down, told us how the situation looked like in his eyes, reassuring but never over promising. In summary, he explained all possible scenarios, but also detailed his plan, and what his goal was. Ultimately we are satisfied with his results.

He is knowledgeable, strategic, and straightforward. He took our call after hours, and educated us on the process and his strategy. He shared his personal life, and he cared about my wellbeing as a person and not just a client.

Thank you Jon, we are very pleased with your results and very impressed with your strategies. Jon definitely has plenty of years of experience, and it shows in his work.

H.M. (4/25/2019)

I had a great experience with Jon.

He calmed me down right after my incident and told me everything would be ok. That was very reassuring. He heard my story and believed it and formulated a plan and executed to perfection.

My charges were reduced to a wet reckless which I took. I have already recommended Jon to everyone, even people who haven’t been in trouble yet.

R.P. (3/26/2019)

Jon is an exceptional Attorney.

He is an expert in his field and really knows how to navigate through the legal system with the Client’s best interest and he appears to be highly respected with the court community.

Follow Jon’s lead and do what he says as it will not only help your case but lead to a positive and healthy life. He is a great Attorney and I highly recommend his representation. Don’t bother with multiple consultations to find the ‘right’ Attorney – Jon is the best of the best!

T.S. (2/11/2019)

He will honestly tell you how it is.

My experience with Jon was succinct and business professional. I am completely satisfied with his services.

In my case specifically, what mattered most was his experience with my court location and the people in charge. Past cases had grown his familiarity with the DA, Prosecutor, and Judge, helping easy any tension and allowing for productive discourse. He’s an experienced defense attorney who will honestly tell you how it is, without sugarcoating the circumstances.

N.H. (1/30/2019)

From the moment I first spoke to him, I always felt like he had a plan of action.

As far as my experience with Mr. Artz. From the moment I first spoke to him, I always felt like he had a plan of action and was working hard for my interests. I felt comfortable in letting him represent me and would definitely recommend him to anyone else facing a similar situation.

R.F. (1/16/2019)

He works miracles in the legal system.

I wouldn’t be sober today if it wasn’t for him. Little did I know when hiring him, he got me into a system that I couldn’t rig. I am one year sober today. That’s what he cares about. He doesn’t care about the money. He cares about helping people.

He is the only lawyer I would recommend to anyone. I owe my life to him. Not because he kept from going to prison. Because he taught me to stay sober.

K.F. (1/11/2019)

Jon is one of those rare individuals who combines talent, wisdom and compassion.

My experience with him has been absolutely great. Jon isn’t just a skilled attorney; he’s a compassionate ally.

Jon has the skill, experience and compassion to make you feel you’re not only in good hands, but he’s personally cheering you on to a path of recovery. He came recommended by a friend who needed help for her son; before I could even complete an explanation of my daughter’s situation she said “you must call Jon”, no hesitation. She was so right.

J.H. (1/11/2019)

The outcome of the case couldn’t be better.

He strategized my case really well. I got a reckless DUI, and my license was supposed to be suspended for a year but it wasn’t, thanks to Jon.

I highly recommend him and he was very professional.

E.S. (1/10/2019)

I had the utmost confidence in Jon.

My experience with Jon was very good. It was my first time dealing with a DUI, and he helped me understand what to expect. He laid out timeline, and allayed my fears.

He was available even on weekends. You just get the impression that he really enjoys what he does and is an expert at all facets. Jon takes a scary and unknown process and just breaks it down and makes it manageable, understandable and less scary for someone in my position.

S.D. (12/12/2018

I give him 11 stars out of 10.

He is totally honest and that’s important to me. His personal involvement with my son and his recovery has been really important. He cares about getting peoples lives back together not just the legal stuff. He is brilliant in the courtroom and an honorable man. I would trust him with anything.

J.S. (11/07/2018)

I was extremely impressed with Jon in court.

My experience with Jon was great he handled everything and eased your mind going through this tough situation. Jon is professional and tells you everything you need to know and what he’s gonna do. I was completely satisfied with Jon and his efforts. I already recommended Jon to two other people.

Jon’s court room strategy for my case was argued so well thought the judge gave me a better deal because of how he conducts himself. I felt no one else would have even gotten close to helping out like he did. I think Jon cares about all his clients I have nothing but respect how he handles things. Jon overall isn’t just a great lawyer he’s a great human being.

D.M. (10/08/2018)

Truly fantastic

He was truthful and trustworthy and works very hard to get the results you want with your court cases. In the past I had made some mistakes that were preventing me from gainful employment and Jon was dedicated to making sure that the case was resolved and offered his services for expungement so the case would be off my record.

C.B. (10/03/2018)

He was kind, caring and understanding.

He remained optimistic and gave me encouragement during court’s date. He is very detail oriented and he won my case. It has been a pleasure to meet him and work with him. Jon kept giving me courage and hope that I will win my case and helped me to believe in myself. He showed me that hard works pays off. I am truly blessed to have chosen Jon to represent me in my case.

C.J. (9/28/2018)

Jon and his team went above and beyond for me.

Prior to contacting Jon, I was completely terrified and sick over of the charges I was facing and thought my situation was hopeless. I really thought my life was over. After the very first call with Jon, he put my mind at ease immediately. He was honest but non-judgmental about my particular case and every step of the way he under-promised and over delivered.

I felt 100% comfortable putting my fate in his hands. I would strongly recommend him to anyone else in need of his services.

I was facing felony DUI charges and Jon was able to get these reduced to misdemeanor charges. The court was still pushing for jail time and he was able to reduce this to 5 days community labor, as well as a 3-month DUI course which is the shortest course possible. He also was able to get any mention of injuries removed from the charges.

I really felt like he truly cared about protecting my future and well-being. The charges against me could have negatively impacted the rest of my life and I sincerely believe that if I had hired any other attorney they would not have gotten close to the outcome Jon was able to achieve. He is truly an expert in his field.

N.P. (9/04/2018)

Jon is a master at his craft.

Jon was knowledgeable and very understanding. He did a good job of communicating and collaborating on a strategy to win the case. He understood the unique challenges I faced with sympathy and compassion. If you get a DUI there is no better attorney available.

R.R. (9/04/2018)

Experienced. Passionate. Creative.

My experience with Jon was 100% positive. He has been very creative, totally honest and fair, and also knows the legal system and what he can do to help. He is a great guy. Jon’s direction worked to help (my son).

When the case was over, he sat and talked to us at length about my son’s future. He was almost big brotherly. Jon is the real deal. Fine man. Amazing human being.

J.S. (8/24/2018)

He knows the law inside and out.

I told him the story of my arrest, and he found the weak spots that we could work on. He put a lot of time and effort into my case. He was great and I was very satisfied. I was walking through the unknown with this situation. It was my first-time being arrested. He made it easy for me.

He made this awful experience better for me. He simplified everything. He kept me out of jail. Minimum fine. The result was very good, and I don’t think I would have gotten the same results if I had gone with another lawyer.

A.Y. (7/13/2018)

Overall the experience with Jon was surreal.

He worked the court room like a conductor guiding a symphony. He was honest and direct with me considering circumstances going into my case. As it progressed, he helped put me at ease and helped me become comfortable when I was concerned about issues.

Never did I feel like a number or a file being worked. I was a human who made a mistake and Jon could relate.

Jon was worth every penny.


I am happy I chose him as my lawyer.

He is very helpful. Every time I had a question, he gave me detailed information. I am 100% satisfied with my experience with Jon. I would rate him 10/10. He also helped me with the DMV and car insurance issues which was very helpful. I am grateful for him.

H.R. (5/24/2018)

I feel very relieved.

It was my first DUI, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was scared. I came across Jon’s reviews on the internet. He was friendly and made me feel better, like he was going to take care of me. I already have recommended him to a few people.

S.B. (3/30/2018)

He’s very thorough and experienced

I felt I was in good hands and my case was being handled in detail. The legal system is daunting so it’s nice to have Jon on your side. I felt I was cared for as a person and not just a client. I would definitely recommend him to anyone else in need of his services.

C.G. (3/9/2018)

Jon is the man!

If you or anyone you know is in need of a DUI lawyer Jon is the man! We had court this morning and Jon got my charges dropped to reckless driving in what I thought was a hopeless situation.

The case they had against me was looking pretty airtight. Jon did some serious digging though and found that the cop who arrested me had lied in a previous case not too long ago.

Charges adjusted! I did the best I could to hide my excitement in the courtroom. I told all my friends and family about the weight that was lifted off my shoulders.

Also, I’ve been driving the whole time while Jon’s been dealing with the DMV aspect of the case. Jon is the man! Use him!

N.T. (1/25/2018)

Jon is a stand-up guy.

My experience with Jon was wonderful. He is easy to work with and anything I asked, he helped me out. Jon was very helpful throughout the entire case. I would recommend him highly to anyone else in need of his services.


Jon saved the day.

Initially I hired a different lawyer who claimed he could get my case dismissed. After a year he could not get the DA to even offer a lesser charge. After this I called and spoke to at least 75 DUI attorneys from Orange County to Santa Monica, this includes high profile attorneys.

Attorney Jon Bryant Artz was different. He read the police report, reviewed the facts and said we had a great case. He cares about his clients. He remembered every fact I told him about the case. Then he successfully convinced the DA they would not win trial, so they offered me a much lesser charge. Thanks Jon you saved the day!


Jon achieved dismissal of a misdemeanor violation.

Jon Artz successfully guided our Daughter through a dismissal of a misdemeanor violation “Possession of False Evidence of Age”.

From the start, Jon portrayed a level of confidence he would get this case dropped based on the circumstances and our daughters clean record (past and present). We followed Jon’s advice and direction responding promptly to his requests for supporting letters of her accomplishments and character. This, coupled with his timely
communication, professionalism and vast resources, got the case recently dismissed.


Jon is very knowledgeable and experienced.

He is about as close to perfection when it comes to DUI lawyers.

Jon showed he truly cared about my case. He would communicate effectively and efficiently. He took time out of his day to make sure we were on the same page with everything. He gave me his personal cell phone # and walked me through what was going to happen, step by step, on the day that we went to court.

If I could, I would tell anyone and everyone that if you want the best of the best, go with Jon if you’re in LA for DUI. I am pretty sure he can walk on water.

L.B. (11/02/2017)

Very professional, personable, and understanding

Getting arrested for DUI was a traumatic experience for me, and Jon made me feel like things were going to be ok.

I would recommend him highly to anyone else in need of his services.

H.J. (10/20/2017)

You can tell Jon has been doing this a long time.

Jon is very professional. You can tell he has been doing this a long time. I was really anxious about the situation. But he was on top of every concern I had which helped calm my nerves. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of his services.

Jon won my case, which was really great. It’s a very stressful process. He was very transparent on the good and bad, but was always working to achieve the end goal for us. His transparency in the case really helped reduce the stress I felt.

He is also just a genuinely good person, and hilarious, too.

L.C. (07/11/2017)

Excellent, wonderful experience.

From the first to last interaction with Jon, he made the situation feel like a breeze. My experience with Jon defending me was better than what I expected – he got my charges reduced.

He was well organized and I would recommend him highly to anyone. Jon’s a great attorney.

L.S. (11/14/2017)

I felt like he was on my side without judging me.

If I ever have friends who run into a (bad) situation like I was in, I would definitely recommend Jon to them. He is one of the best DUI lawyers.

He was also really helpful in explaining the process throughout the entire time I was dealing with my DUI. He did take me aside a couple times, to talk about the root cause of the issues I was dealing with. He took a genuine interest in the personal side of things. I noticed and appreciated that.

He has a repertoire with the other people in court. He knows everyone from the judges to the prosecutors to the court reporters. I appreciated his connections. When you are dealing with a DUI, it can be embarrassing and scary, but he was really helpful. I felt like he was on my side without judging me, which really helped me feel less embarrassed and scared.

C.W. (08/09/2017)

My experience with Jon was life changing.

The personal approach was amazing. He is very busy, and speaks quickly, but he makes sure he takes care of you and treated my case like it was really personal to him. He holds your hand through the process. I love Jon! I really really love him. After we finished, I asked if we could have lunch.

He was fantastic, the judge loves him, everyone in the court loved him. The jury love him, everyone loved him.

When (DUI) first happens to you, you’re in a really bad place. He suggested I go to AA, and I did. It’s amazing because, sitting in those classes opened up my mind and I later got involved in a really great volunteering program, all because my AA classes inspired me to become more involved in my community. I mean, I could have gone to jail, but these AA classes just really made me realize and appreciate all the opportunities I have.

Other lawyers even recommended Jon. They said, ‘if you have the opportunity to work with Jon you should do it. He will get the most positive outcome.’

He kept me driving the whole time. He said ‘I am going to get you the best possible outcome.’ And then he did.

The judges do not care about you, they think you are just another person who broke the law. Jon is different. He has your back and tries to help you as an individual. He is just wonderful.

K.C. (07/14/2017)

He is amazing. A brilliant attorney. And then some.

His expertise and knowledge has saved my life.

No words can describe how thankful I am for Mr. Artz expertise. He is a highly qualified attorney. I am more than happy with his experience. Even bigger than grateful. It’s a miracle that I found him. Miracles do come true.

I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his services. He has a brilliant mind and came through for me.

Thanks to his suggestions, I have been sober 6 months. His guidance has saved my life.

He is almost like a coach. A leader. Really, leading the way for someone who is lost. The confidence that he has in his clients assures you that you are going to be a winner through all of it.

D.A. (08/08/2017)

It was a no-nonsense experience

He just got right down to it, and it was an honest, open experience. We didn’t have to spend much time together because we both knew what our goals were. He kept me well informed and I was hands off for the majority of the time.

A.S. (09/28/2017)

I still can’t believe the outcome we got.

My experience with Jon was great. I had doubts about the outcome of my situation. I had other attorneys tell me I wasn’t going to get a positive outcome, but Jon never once said that. He did an unbelievable job.

He went above and beyond, and I really appreciated that. He was really patient with me and that was big for me. He understood that I am working young adult who made a mistake. He definitely worked with me on a personal level. He showed he cared. He gave me hope.

I would most definitely recommend him if I knew anyone who needed his assistance.

I just can’t thank him enough for representing me and taking on my case.

G.J. (09/21/2017)

I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a DUI lawyer.

Jon was very helpful in my case. He told me everything I needed to know. He coached me on everything throughout the case. He guided me on what might be said and how to answer everything in the proper way. He was positive in everything that he said and had a great attitude about the case.

M.P. (09/15/2017)

Jon saved my life and my career, there is no doubt about it.

Jon was very receptive and involved at all times. I’ve dealt with lawyers in the past, and it seems like most lawyers are jaded, but he is not. He’s a nice person, and genuinely cared.

When he discovered that I work in law enforcement and that I have a military background, he really wanted to help me as much as possible.

The outcome was above and beyond what anyone thought would happen. Even the DA and others who have had similar incidents were surprised at the results. Everyone thought we would have to take a deal. It was a one-of-a-kind outcome, nothing shy of a magic trick.

Jon saved my life and my career, there is no doubt about it. Had it not been for his efforts, my life would be in shambles. What he did for my case allowed me to continue my career path. I made a mistake. But everybody gets a second chance and I am going to be able to live my life normally now. It’s never going to happen again. He is truly incredible.

J.R. (05/05/2017)

Jon genuinely cared about helping me.

I had a great experience with Jon. I was bombarded with offers from other lawyers when my incident occurred. However Jon came recommended by a friend, so I chose him, and I’m happy that I did. I felt Jon represented me in court very well. I always knew where we were in the process. I could tell that Jon genuinely cared about helping me. He wasn’t just doing it for the money like a lot of other attorneys. I really appreciated all Jon did for me. I also appreciated his good humor. He was well respected by everyone. For example, the court reporter gushed about Jon when she saw him with me, because of her past experiences watching him defend his clients in court.

M.S. (05/31/2017)

Jon was calm, reassuring and also realistic.

Jon is a professional. Truly a master of his craft. 40 plus years of experience shows. Everyone knows him, prosecutors, Judges, guards and other attorneys. I needed the best on my side. Jon is the best hands down. Miracle worker.


With Jon, you are putting your best foot forward in court.

This was my first time to be pulled over for suspicion of DUI, so I was quite nervous. Jon immediately put me at ease, and let me know that this wasn’t the end of the world. I had screwed up, yes, but we will get through this. I needed to hear that!

Jon walked me through the process, step-by-step, and made it clear what my responsibilities were, and that he would take care of the rest. My BAC came back… much higher than we had anticipated. Jon assured me he would work his hardest for the best possible outcome, and he delivered.

Jon handled every element of the DMV process on my behalf, and would update me by email and by phone as necessary. This is a fantastic benefit of working with Jon, as the hassle of the DMV (especially when DUI is involved) can be great. He handled it all.

The end result? Jon negotiated to reduce my DUI to a Reckless Driving – Wet. Overall a good result. His personal and professional advice combined with his experience with the LA court system/Judges/Prosecutors and his extensive knowledge of DUI law provides you with the self assurance that you are putting your best foot forward in court.


Jon handled my case extremely well.

The outcome he achieved seemed to be the best possible for the situation I am in. I was represented very well and professionally in court. Jon seems to have a great understanding of the DMV and helped greatly in this department. Jon is a friendly guy, very smart and ‘to the point’.


My experience with Jon has been nothing short of amazing.

Given that this was my first DUI offense, I was overwhelmed and scared. I trusted him… and not only did he deliver, he was kind, patient, and also was extremely accessible for all my first-timer questions. It has been very reassuring to know that he is in my corner for whatever may come up during this journey and beyond.


My experience with Jon was amazing.

I came to Jon after being arrested for the first time in my life at age 39, blowing a .16 BAC, spending a whole day in jail and getting charged with misdemeanor DUI. I had just gotten into grad school and was terrified about what this meant for my future. In that first meeting, Jon was both matter-of-fact and reassuring. We discussed my case, he outlined the process, then told me what he thought some weaknesses in the prosecution’s case could be, what different outcomes might entail, and assured me that we’d get through it. I left his office 90% calmer than I was coming in.

Throughout the nine months spent on my case, Jon was great at letting me know how things were going. He and Deborah (his assistant) were accommodating and prompt whenever I had questions or needed something. Jon has great people skills and also runs a professional and reliable operation.

Jon did a great job pleading my case. First, he won the DMV. Then he went after the prosecution’s case with everything he had, filing motions to get evidence excluded on a number of different grounds. I’m positive that the only reason the DA offered me as good of a deal as I got – reckless driving with three years probation – was because of how thorough and relentless Jon was.

My case never went to trial, but I did get to see Jon interact with the judge and prosecutor on my case at two different court dates. It’s clear that the DA knows who Jon is (and that they’re going to have a tough time when he’s on the case!) and his interactions with the judge and court staff were friendly and professional. When it finally came time for me to get up in court and take my plea, Jon coached me beforehand so that I knew exactly what to say and when to say it.

I got several recommendations of DUI attorneys after my arrest, but a friend who knows Jon told me “no, this is the guy you want, for real.” I can’t thank her enough for steering me to him. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case.

Sam R

Jon’s knowledge and expertise made the best of a really bad situation.

My experience with Jon was excellent. A DUI is a really difficult situation to be in, and his knowledge and expertise made the best of a really bad situation.

Jon represented me very well. I think given my circumstances he got a better deal than I could have hoped for. In comparing what other people with similar charges got, I got a far better deal.

I did not go to trial. Jon’s experience and his relationships with other parties involved gives him a huge advantage over other lawyers, and he can barter deals better than other lawyers.

Jon is very calm and professional. He immediately told me: This is what you need to do. This is what I’m going to do. He calmed me down. Then, he took what I did and used it to help mitigate my circumstances.

Eric S.

Jon Bryant Artz is hands-down the best DUI lawyer.

In my case, he pulled off miracles and I couldn’t be more thankful. Originally, I was charged with 2 felony counts of DUI with injury, with a special circumstance of a BAC of .15 or greater. I served 5 days in jail after arrest. When I got out on recognizance, I was referred to Jon by a friend of mine who is a lawyer. During the consultation, he was reassuring, but realistic. He said he would be able to get them down to Misdemeanor DUI’s with Injury, but would try to get me down to a straight DUI. Throughout the negotiations with the DA, Jon kept me abreast of what was happening with my case.

5 months later, I went to court to plea and get my sentence. Jon had negotiated that in exchange for a “No Contest” plea to ONLY 23152b (1 Misdemeanor DUI WITHOUT injury), I would serve a very minimal sentence. Don’t get me wrong – even minimum DUI sentences are tough, but compared to facing 4 years in prison and losing my job, house, etc., this sentence is a cake walk.

Ultimately, Jon negotiated the following: Time served (NO MORE JAIL TIME!), Completion of the Hospital and Morgue Program, 1 MADD victim panel class, 3 month DUI school (the bare minimum!), 156 AA meetings to be completed in 1 year (However, the DA decide to give me credit for the 24 AA meetings I had done proactively before sentencing), $390 fine (the bare minimum!), and No license suspension!

And I didn’t even have to plead Guilty. Restitution to the victim is still on the table, but Jon is working closely with my insurance company to have them take care of it all. I have great faith that Jon will be able to pull this off. Furthermore, Jon worked with the DMV to ensure that my license would be restricted only, not revoked. He also has insurance companies he works with for DUI cases to get you much better rates. I highly, highly recommend Jon. He saved me from what could have been a total disaster and I’m confident he can do the same for you.

Heather R.

I had two prior DUI convictions in a different state and then got arrested in CA…

I had an absolutely amazing experience with Jon. I had two prior DUI convictions in a different state, and then got arrested here in California, so there was a very real possibility of jail time. I’m in a sales position, so I’m always out and about meeting people. I would have lost my license and my ability to drive, which absolutely would have cost me my job. Jon handled the whole DMV case, I didn’t even have to go to the DMV. I never spent a single day throughout this whole process where I lost my license.

I’ve worked with lots of attorneys over the years, and Jon is head and shoulders above anyone I’ve ever worked with. Jon was able to get the priors to not be taken into consideration, based on improper arrest procedures. He was able to successfully work with the District Attorney’s office to get everything settled for what is known as a Wet Reckless, so it wasn’t even a DUI. For future employment when they do a background check, seeing that you have a Wet Reckless is a very manageable conversation, whereas doing jail time is not.

I owe Jon and Javon my life. Through the whole process they kept me very well informed. And just the attitude and strength they brought to the table made me feel better about the whole thing. I can’t thank Jon and his team enough.

Jerry W.

You did an amazing job for my actor clients. They were thrilled…

Jon has a huge heart—he actually cares. I have referred actor clients to him, and the minute you mention his name they’re like: Love, love, love! DUI’s are scary, but you feel safe with Jon, that he’s going to take care of you. He did an amazing job for all my clients. They were thrilled, and the results were beyond expectation.


His knowledge of the law is vast and his work ethic is second to none…

I have worked as co-counsel on several criminal matters with Jon Artz, and since my retirement from criminal law have referred all prospective DUI clients to Mr. Artz. The results obtained by Mr. Artz are always excellent, and in my opinion, superior to what any other lawyer could have achieved. His knowledge of the law is vast and his work ethic is second to none. If you’re unfortunate enough to be charged with a DUI or other criminal matter, you would be foolish not to contact Jon. If you are a practitioner who does not specialize in DUI work, you are well advised to contact Mr. Artz.

Steven Sindell
Retired Criminal Defense Attorney

I own a commercial production company, and Jon is the best in town…

I can’t say how much I appreciate Jon Artz and what a genius he is. I own a commercial production company, and have worked with Jon on three different occasions and he’s the best in town. He’s supremely intelligent, very easy to work with, and knows the law better than anyone else I’ve met.

Jon’s an alchemist. He takes a situation that is lead-heavy and turns it into gold. He’s on it, on top of it, and he takes care of you. He’s not there after the money; he actually cares about you. He’s very fair and doesn’t gouge. He’s an attorney with a soul – very different from most attorneys I deal with. And he’s a brilliant man. We’ve become friends.

A couple of years ago one of my film directors was driving my car in Beverly Hills and scraped three cars and basically disappeared, leaving the car in the middle of the street, hit and run. Jon called somebody – he knows everybody – and within one day they released the vehicle back to me with no fine, and my insurance paid the damage and that was it. Then I lost my driver’s license while on a business trip, and it was rejected because they said there was a pending ticket in North Carolina. Jon made some calls, and within two days I had a brand new license.

I’ve referred Jon to many people. I tell them: Don’t call anyone else.

Michael D.

I was facing six years in prison, and was really, really, really scared…

I was drinking and hit a van head on, and 14 people were injured. I was facing six years in prison and a felony strike on my record, and was really, really, really scared. I talked to other lawyers, but they didn’t give me that vibe to put my life in their hands. But right when I called Mr. Artz I thought, he’s my lawyer. He has that confidence and 40 years experience, you can hear it in his voice. We met and he said: Don’t worry. You do your part and I’ll do my part. He told me at the beginning, If you think you have problems with drinking, you need to take steps. I realized I did have a problem, and I started going to AA and I’ve been going ever since.

He’s a unique man. He could have taken the first deal they gave me—two years in prison—and been over with this a long time ago, but he stuck with me and took his time to help me out. It’s been a year and four months since the accident, and Mr. Artz worked on my case constantly, with non-stop determination, pressing the DA and letting me know everything is going to be okay.

I don’t know how he did it, but he got my charges to a misdemeanor. It’s amazing. I didn’t go to prison. I was able to be with my family. I don’t have words for it. I’ve recovered from my injuries and been working with Mr. Artz and my sponsor, and it’s been helping me a lot.

I’m forever going to grateful for what he did for me. He changed my life completely. He changed my whole way of thinking—made me a better me. He said, There’s hope, there’s hope. As bad as things look, you can change your life around. He helped me out of the kindness of his heart. I’m going to continue to do for other people what he did for me.

Fernando A.

I’m a legal secretary and mother of three, and have never been in trouble before…

I picked Jon Artz because he’s a very successful trial lawyer, and I knew the court wasn’t going to just reduce a .14, so I knew before I stated interviewing attorneys that I was going to go to trial.

I’m a legal secretary and the mother of three, and I was worried that if I were to apply to a job, I would have to list a DUI on my application, and that horrified me. I interviewed a couple of different law firms, and really liked Jon’s associates. I met Javon [Jones] first, and I really felt comfortable with her. And then I went back to interview Jon himself, and I just felt like he really knew what he was talking about. He was very confident on the law and what I needed to do. He said: the first thing you have to do is not worry about this. So it gave me comfort, because I was a basket case—nothing like this had ever happened to me before.

We were going to go to a jury trial, we had started jury selection, and then Jon was able to reduce the charges to a Wet Reckless, with probation for three years, and then after three years it gets reduced to a speeding ticket—so it won’t be on my record for ten years! And I didn’t have to have a suspended license after we were done in court. Now that I’ve been taking alcohol classes (that I have to take) and talking to the people in the classes, I realize we did pretty damn good!

I would recommend Jon because everything was dealt with quicker than what I thought it was going to be. He made me feel very relaxed and very comfortable. He knows the law and knows his way around the courts, what to do and when to do it.

Pamela B.

My experience with Jon was wonderful.

It was a difficult situation. He was reassuring and professional. He strategized my case in many ways. As an example, one thing he did was worked to get some evidence removed from the case, which helped me in the end.

He also checked in on everything with me regularly, to see how I was and to keep me updated. The staff that he has are very attentive and helpful, too.

His level of expertise is second-to-none. He exudes confidence. He is patient in explaining the process, which I appreciated so much, especially in a time when you don’t know what can happen. He handles it like an expert.

I would recommend him highly to anyone else in need of his services. He is a great DUI lawyer.


Jon knew what he was doing. I felt comfortable with his knowledge in handling my DUI case.

He strategized my case in many ways. For example, he filed motions on my behalf, utilized DMV hearing time to get testimony and information on the case, such as the audio and video footage, and get the cop to testify.

In addition, he did many things for me personally that showed he truly cared about me as a person. For example, anytime I had questions, he followed up right away. He would also remind me it was stressful time and to stay relaxed.

One thing he did that was great; he was able to get my blood draw thrown out, and ultimately my charge was reduced to dry reckless.

He is a knowledgeable DUI lawyer. I was really happy with how my case turned out. I am a therapist, so it’s important I don’t get suspended. Jon helped make sure the incident did not impact my career.

I would absolutely recommend him to anyone else in need of his services.


As an actress, I was worried that a 2nd DUI was going to ruin my life…

Jon got me an amazing deal for my second DUI. I do acting on TV shows and commercials – I have to go to auditions on the drop of a dime. Being an actress, I was worried that this was basically going to ruin my life, because a DUI is public, and I had violated probation.

I talked to a couple of other attorneys. They made big promises, and I didn’t get the sense of honesty and upfrontness that I got from Jon. Jon told me from the beginning: This is a problem, but I will do the best I can to make the punishment tolerable for you. I called two more lawyers, one of them being a lady who specializes in 2nd and 3rd DUI’s. She told me that if the case is too much for her to handle, she refers her clients to Jon Artz. That was the deal-closer for me. I thought, I’m going with Jon Artz — I don’t need to hear anymore!

In my first phone call with Jon, Jon took the time to really answer all of my questions, and even took the time to talk to my mother on a three-way call. He told me to start AA classes immediately. He really cared that I not drink anymore and that I get the help that I needed to be sober, and to not make this mistake again.

In our first meeting, Jon was very, very funny. It’s not really a funny situation — it’s serious. But he turned it into something that I could laugh at, something I could get through and become a better person. He made a dark, depressing situation into something that I was going to deal with. And that’s what I’m currently doing. I’m doing community service and an 18-month alcohol program, and going to AA meetings, which I need anyway. I’m dealing with everything.

The final outcome was amazing, better than what he told me. The deal made it tolerable for me to do the things that I need to do, as well as take care of things. I’m so appreciative.

Rachel R.

Everybody said I’d have to spend at least 96 hours in jail. They were wrong…

I had a great experience with Jon. When I went to his office I was all shaken up. It was my second DUI, and I was very scared. I spoke to a few attorneys before and I wasn’t very confident. Everybody said you have to go downtown and spend at least 96 hours in jail. I was looking for the most experienced lawyer in the L.A. area. I think it’s important to hire the best, and I think it’s worth it. I was surprised at the end, because I didn’t have to go to jail at all. I told a previous attorney that I didn’t have to go to jail, and she could not even believe it. She said: How is that possible? I would definitely, absolutely recommend Jon.

Kumar T.

Jon was like a guardian angel throughout the entire process…

JON ARTZ WORKS MAGIC!!! I feel so incredibly lucky to have had Jon Artz represent me. As a school teacher, I was worried how a DUI might affect my future. I was afraid I would have to have one of those ignition interlocks, and then the kids would see it and tell their parents I have to blow in my car to make it start.

I called a few other DUI lawyers as well and they all felt okay, but when I talked to Jon he was so confident and kind; I could tell he truly cared about my situation. I told him the details of my case, and he told me what he could do, and then he followed through on everything he said he’d do; it was amazing.

A DUI was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had to go through, and Jon was like a guardian angel throughout the entire process; he took care of everything! He worked hard and got me the absolute best possible result. I still cannot believe it. It felt as if a huge weight was lifted from me.

I am forever grateful to Jon and everyone at his office for helping me with my DUI case. I could never have found a better DUI lawyer.

Jean S.

Jon Artz is worth his weight in gold…

Jon Artz is a stellar trial attorney with unmatched experience trying D.U.I. cases. Your greatest leverage as a criminal defendant is your attorney’s reputation—and you cannot beat a heavyweight like Jon Artz. I had the pleasure of working with Jon and seeing him first hand work his magic on judges and prosecutors. If you are facing a D.U.I., you need an experienced trial attorney that knows D.U.I. law and the underlying science like the back of his hand like Jon Artz.

You will not meet another attorney in this business with his charisma, knowledge, and experience. Many trial attorneys want to plead your case at your arraignment, but not Jon. Jon Artz is more effective than any attorney I know at offering the prosecutor creative options for sentencing that keep you driving, and out of jail. Without question Jon Artz is worth his weight in gold.

Kelly Everett, Esq.

I would recommend Jon Artz to anyone in a heartbeat…

Jon was referred to me by a very, very trusted source who said, ‘You’ve got to call this guy.

I have never been in trouble in my whole life – this was my first DUI offense, and it was extremely stressful. I was scared, and very ignorant to everything that was going on. Jon has a presence that is very reassuring, including the way he interacts with everyone in the court. He did his homework, and found all these similar cases. He did everything for me, and I only had to go to court twice out of four court dates.

At one point I was very worried about the case, because my statement was all over the place and the police report looked bad. I called him and left a very concerned message. He was quick to call back and reassure me that he’s fighting for me, that he’s not going soft on this case, and that it’s a priority for him. That made me feel really good. And right after that we were able to make a deal that I am very happy with. I would recommend Jon Artz to anyone in a heartbeat!

Michelle J.

I hit a pedestrian – it was terrifying. Jon saved my life…

I talked to four DUI attorneys before I decided to go with Jon. I was an absolute wreck, because I had hit a pedestrian – it was really terrifying. I couldn’t believe that I hurt somebody. I was convinced I was going to prison. Jon had me in his office for over an hour, just calming me down. He calmed me down before I even hired him. There was no question in my mind that this was the guy for me.

He handled me with kid gloves throughout the entire process. I contacted him several times with question after question after question because I was really nervous about the whole thing, and he kept me calm, and gave me the information that I needed to have. He was fantastic with me.

His expertise and his skills speak for themselves — I don’t know how he got this charge down to a misdemeanor. He’s a miracle worker.

But he was also so incredibly kind to me throughout the whole thing. I feel like I know the man. I feel he saved my life.


You are an amazing warrior! I will always be grateful to you…

And thank you for taking this personally. To see your reaction to the verdict brought home for me just how much you both cared. I can’t find adequate words to express how I feel…27 hours later. You are an amazing warrior! Again, thank you. I have been spared but I have learned.

Anna K.
Health Care Executive

I have never seen a single attorney who connects better with a jury…

For 30 years I’ve coached people in communications. I’ve worked with some of the top attorneys in the United States, including two special prosecutors in Washington DC for two very public Senate Judiciary trials. I’ve known Jon Artz as a friend for at least 30 years and have watched him a number of times in court. I have never seen a single attorney who connects better with a jury or a judge than Jon does.

Jake A. Butts
Cameron Communications

Your motions are creative, convincing, and brilliant.

Thank you for your contributions to the second edition of California Criminal Defense Motions in Limine.

Your motions are authoritative and persuasive, and it is a pleasure to include them in the book.

Your motions are creative, convincing, and brilliant, and they help achieve great results for defendants.

Roger Lampkin

I can’t begin to tell you how ecstatic I am with the outcome…

Jon, I’m still numb from the news you passed along this evening. I can’t begin to tell you how ecstatic I am with the outcome…

You, my friend, are a true professional and I owe you a great deal. Your no-nonsense approach and dedication allowed me to continue to keep my focus on the job at hand while you handled my legal issues. I believe that is why I was able to keep my head above water and overcome this ordeal. For that I will be forever grateful.

Joseph F.

I wanted to once more thank you for your extraordinary efforts…

I wanted to once more thank you for your extraordinary efforts on behalf of Jessica. It was clear to our family and to the Courts that you put your heart into representing Jessica and, more importantly, that you believed in her. The opportunity that you and the Courts provided for her, and for her future, was pivotal. I can assure you that it will not be forgotten.

Jeffrey H.
Grateful Father

I highly recommend Jon for anybody who needs a DUI lawyer…

I highly recommend Jon for anybody who needs a DUI lawyer. He’s speedy, he’s efficient, and he gets the job done. He did everything for us, and got us the best possible resolution.

Josie G.

Jon is a master craftsman when it comes to DUI law…

Jon Artz leveraged his comprehensive knowledge of DUI law and vast trial experience to forge a highly defensible case that led to my acquittal of all charges against me.

During my trial, he demonstrated a keen ability to surface the pertinent facts that highlighted my innocence and presented those facts in a charismatic way that enthralled the jury as well as stagnated the misleading rhetoric of the prosecution. Jon meticulously and effectively managed every aspect of my case to the point I truly felt he took my case personally and wanted a not guilty verdict as much as I did.

Jon is a master craftsman when it comes to DUI law, and he cares deeply about his clients. He is relentless in seeking favorable outcomes for each of his clients and carefully navigates them through the all the scary/trying times a DUI brings.

I will be forever thankful for all that Jon did for me and would highly recommend him to anyone that is in the unfortunate position of facing a DUI charge.

Garrett T.
Finance Professional

We brought a difficult case that other attorneys said was impossible to win…

Jon Artz outshines other attorneys by his ability to present and argue a defense based on an in-depth knowledge of the law, his client and the courts.

We brought a difficult case to him involving our son that other attorneys said was impossible to win. Mr. Artz devised a three-step plan that was carefully executed over several years and resulted in the dismissal of a previous conviction. He cited case law along with evidence of rehabilitation to convince the court to withdraw the plea and dismiss the case in the “interest of justice.”

Mr. Artz cares about his clients and is masterful and dogged when he presents a defense. You will be well served by Jon Artz.

Alan and Emily Peters

We got the best possible result for my son. On a scale of 1 to 10, Jon did a 14…

I googled ‘DUI attorneys in Los Angeles’ and called five or six. Jon impressed me the most. When I got back in town I made some calls — he had a very nice reputation. I went to meet him, and I liked him even more when I met him.

He’s a straight shooter—no B.S. He tells you the way it is. The guy is very good. He handles himself very well. Whatever he says he’s going to do, he does. He knows his way around. He’s very personable, very likeable. The last thing you want to do is get an attorney who offends the other people. In my lifetime I’ve seen that, where two attorneys get into it, and the client suffers. That’s certainly not the case here.

I wish they had more attorneys like that in the world—attorneys wouldn’t have such a bad name—because he is excellent.

We got the best possible result for my son. On a scale of 1 to 10, Jon did a 14. I could not have been more pleased.

Bernie M.

As a single parent—not knowing what to do—Jon was absolutely an angel…

My daughter had a first DUI offense when she was 21, but seven years had gone by, so I thought this would be a non-issue. But when we went in, they said this was her second offense, and they were going to take her to jail right then to do six months of time. She also hadn’t filed with the DMV within the ten days like you’re supposed to, so I thought, ‘OMG, we have to get an attorney!’

Jon was absolutely amazing. As a single parent—not knowing what to do—he was absolutely an angel: courteous, informative, everything I could have hoped for. He took a lot of care to explain everything. He was straight-up from the get-go he said, “This is what can happen, and this is what I’m going to try to do”—and he did it! His legal associate was fantastic, too. She was like a mama bear to his papa bear.

Jon did everything he said he was going to do. (My daughter) went in at 4:00 pm and got out at 3:00 am! She didn’t even serve time!

Yvonne L.

I worked with other DUI attorneys but didn’t have a great experience…

I had a great experience with Jon, and highly recommend him. I needed an attorney to represent me for a court appearance for a DUI I received nine years ago where I went to court and was sentenced, but never completed the terms of the DUI. Also, I had an accident a few months after where I left the scene and there was a warrant for that. I went in to court and talked with the judge, but he told me to get an attorney and return. I found Jon Artz from a Google search, which led me to his website. I immediately got a call back, which was great. When I met for the initial consultation he listened to what happened and the things that took place and he formed an opinion of: Well, the police did this and they should have done that, so I can probably get this dismissed based off of that. And sure enough, that is exactly what happened.

I’ve worked with two other attorneys in the past, both on DUIs, and didn’t have a great experience. They went it, took the standard plea from the city attorney, and said, Okay, here you go, this is what they’re offering. I feel I could have done that. They didn’t really try to attack the case. Jon was much better. He got one of the complicated issues dismissed outright, and got the initial terms that should have been handled nine years ago to stay and still be the terms. If I had a friend who needed a DUI lawyer, I would tell them very enthusiastically to contact Jon.

Chris G.K.

As a young single girl out by myself, I felt really comfortable with Jon…

The day after my DUI I got a million postcards from different lawyers saying they could help me, and I was completely turned off by the fact that they’re scouring prison records and sending spam to my house. So I wanted to go off somebody’s recommendation. Jon was a referral from a friend who had the same thing happen to him and spoke very highly of him, and I’m just glad I found him. Nothing about it made me feel uncomfortable, which was really important to me as a young single girl out here by myself. I felt really comfortable not only with him but his entire staff was very understanding.

You can tell that it’s more than just a job for him. It’s his true passion to do what he’s doing, which is a rarity. He didn’t take the easy way out and settle for what was given. He took the time to look into it and listen to who I really was and what I did, and take that into account for the case.

I trusted him, and I’m glad I did, because it couldn’t have gone better. My DUI charges were completely dropped, so there’s not going to be a DUI on my record at all, which is fantastic, especially since Van Nuys is supposed to be really tough. I got the best-case scenario, which I don’t think would have happened with another lawyer.

I feel very lucky that I found Jon. It’s not a situation that anybody wants to be in, but if you find yourself there, I would recommend Jon as the best person to be on your side. He’s a great guy.

Jill H.

I owe Jon so much, I’d do anything for him. He really does do miracles…

This was the second time I’ve used Jon. The first time he got my DUI reduced to a Wet Reckless. This last time I did a rear end in traffic, stopped and talked to the people, but then I panicked and drove away, and the cops found me three blocks away. So it was a DUI with a hit-and-run AND a prior arrest. Jon amazed me even more the second time, and got it reduced to a misdemeanor!!

Jon‘s real professional, he’s to the point, he gets the business done, and he has a really good rapport in the courtroom.

But Jon also actually helped me straighten out my whole life. In addition to clearing up my legal issues, he said that I should be proactive – get in a live-in rehab, get an AA sponsor, and start working the Steps right away, to show that I was doing everything I could to solve the problem that was causing the dangerous driving. And I did. I went in as fast as I could and I got a sponsor the first day. I found a 5-month outpatient program instead of a live-in because I have kids. I followed his advice and direction, and by the time I finally had court, I had four months of rehab under my belt that I had completed successfully.

My life has turned around so much. I’ve been doing AA every day now for 160 days, and I’m loving it. I owe him so much, I’d do anything for him. He really does do miracles.

Nancy G.

Getting a DUI at 69 was probably the best thing that happened to me…

I had a great experience with Jon Artz and his associates. Even though I live in Orange County, it was worth it for me to drive up to Los Angeles. He helped me dodge a serious bullet. I had a very high alcohol content, over .30%, and hit a wall in my car and blacked out. Jon was really in my corner, kept me informed about everything, step by step how to go about everything. He kept me out of jail and got me a restricted license, which permits me to drive to and from work. And he helped me personally. I’m 69 years old, and started drinking alcoholically at 65. Having been a periodic drinker for five years, it’s really hard to admit that you’re an alcoholic. He was very knowledgeable about the AA program, and said to me, “This is possibly the best thing that ever happened to you,” which it totally was in a weird way. I’m sober now and intend to stay that way. I’m doing AA meetings daily and SoberLink and all kinds of stuff. In the big picture, it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me, and I am grateful. Jon has a reputation for being very good at what he does, and my experience is proof of that. I would absolutely recommend him.

Tilda V.G.

Every time I hear you speak, I learn something new…

On behalf of the CDLA, thank you for taking the time to be a lecturer and teacher at our seminar in Los Angeles. Every time I hear you, I learn something new. I only hope I can apply one thing that I heard you speak about — such a wealth of information. I received many emails from people who enjoyed the seminar, and you were one of the reasons those emails came to me. Again, thank you so much for taking the time to speak at the Hilton.

Donald Gray Drewry

For anyone faced with a similar legal nightmare, Jon is the man to call…

I had a single collision accident a mile from my house in a very rural area. I looked down at my phone, took my eyes off the road, and rolled my truck. The cop came over an hour and a half later and gave me a Breathalyzer, and was arrested for DUI—but I felt strongly that I was not guilty of DUI. It was a legal nightmare, but in my first phone call to Jon he was able to allay all my fears.

Jon is a fantastic litigator, and an oral debater as well. He was the general, he had a battle plan ready, he was in my fox hole. His questions to the officer and everyone he spoke with were very pertinent and spot-on. I sat in on a DMV oral hearing over the phone, and he was incredible. He was my pit bull. He wouldn’t let the DMV woman off. He cited cases that were 41 years old. He was very aggressive, but with me he was just straight-up like a buddy I play golf with. It was great. He even had motions for impeachment on the CHP officer (who lied, by the way).

I was elated with the final result. The legal nightmare that happened to me was horrible, but I have no doubt in my mind that if anybody is faced with a similar situation, Jon is the man to call.

David D.

When Jon walked into the court I felt like he had high fives all around…

Jon’s the guy. He’s the man. It was my second DUI, so I was expecting the full extent of jail time and 1000s of dollars in fees and community service and meetings etc. I was completely terrified. But after talking to him on the phone for maybe five minutes he completely reassured me that he was going to work his magic and I didn’t have to worry about going to jail or any of that horrible stuff.

He’s very personable. The way he represented himself was very comfortable. It felt like I was talking to a friend. He was really reassuring the entire time we’ve been working together, and then I when I saw the results, I was completely stoked. He basically worked it out so I only had to do the minimum. I only had to do a total of three months of meetings, paid a very small fine to the court, that was it.

I’ve never used a lawyer before, this was the first time. I don’t even want to know what other lawyers are like, but I’m going straight back to Jon Artz. He’s so well connected. When he walked into the court I felt like he had high fives all around. Definitely go with Jon Artz, because he knows the system. He’s not somebody who just got out of school and knows how to talk. His leg up was that he actually is very connected.


He was very professional, he knows his law and presented my case very effectively…

I found Jon to be exemplary. He took all areas of the matter with his full consideration, handled expediently. I certainly do appreciate his service and expertise.

He was very professional, he knows his law and presented my case very effectively. I was quite satisfied with the results of the trial, I couldn’t have expected better results.

On a personal level, he was cordial, straight forward and I was very comfortable in dealing with him at all times.

I was thoroughly impressed with his abilities in all the matters that were presented to him.

Jon P.

I never felt alone throughout the process…

After receiving several referrals and searching the Internet I met with a number of attorneys to discuss my case. I felt an immediate connection with Jon. He was interested and sympathetic, and made it clear that he cared about me and winning my case. Jon was quick to shape a defense around the case specifics and craft a creative motion to dismiss. I never felt alone throughout the process. Jon is a great communicator and I felt confident because he knew where we were headed the entire time. Jon brought all his creativity and expertise and achieved a great outcome for me.

Jeff A.

Jon has a great team of people and I was very grateful to hire them.

My experience with Jon as my lawyer was very helpful and positive. He was extremely thorough when describing everything to me and answering all my questions in detail. He was available to meet me on a Sunday and he gave a relaxed vibe that made me feel like I was just talking to an older friend. He never made me feel like I was stupid and he made sure to ease my nerves. His assistant, Deborah, was also very kind and helped me to calm my nerves. They were both easy to get ahold of and I never felt like they were dismissing me.

I think Jon has a good relationship with a lot of people in the court system which definitely helped me out in my case. He also sent in one of his colleagues, Robert Berglund, on the day I had to show up in court. He was also very kind and helpful when talking to judge. I think they both represented me well. Overall, Jon has a great team of people and I was very grateful to hire them.


Jon is extremely talented, really excellent at what he does.

Jon is an extraordinary guy, to start with, and equally as an attorney. He’s very creative, he’s very to the point. There’s no mystery about him and no mystery about what he’s saying. He’s very clear and doesn’t hold back on things you might not want to hear. He doesn’t dance, he’s extremely talented, really excellent at what he does.

The one time I’ve been to court with him, he had pre-determined what the results were going to be by having a meeting with the DA. And they reached an agreement on what the penalties would be. And that was extraordinary.

He’s something that most people aren’t, he’s an interesting guy. You know, a lot of people are smart, and funny and whatever, but he’s truly unique. His background, his attitude, his speech, and who he is.

Bill R

Jon did a fantastic job.

Jon did a fantastic job. He had a good rapport with the judge and prosecutor, and everybody really. Jon has a good sense of humor but is all business, there is no fooling around when it comes to getting the job done.

I just appreciate everything he did for me. This was a second offense DUI, and he kept me out of jail. I would highly recommend Jon to anyone in the same position.

Dennis M

Mr. Artz saved my life.

Jon is one of the most important figures in my life. You would be reading a different story if it were not for Mr. Artz. You see my case was a text book DUI with one condition, I had a 10 year old prior felony conviction. There was no DEAL for me, only a minimum of 16 months state prison.

It started one Friday night, on the way home after a long 60-hour week and only 2 miles away from my home. My car breaks down, I move onto the shoulder and call for a tow truck. Tow truck doesn’t show up, however, the CHP does. Cool, I think, they will just push me off the freeway, WRONG. Next came the standard operational procedure of a series of test and an interaction with a CHP officer. Based on the interaction, he is going to make an accurate assessment of whether I am intoxicated or not. I went to jail and I got released the next day.

You see a DUI is not a joke. Driving drunk is not a game you can seriously hurt lives or kill someone. And losing every single thing you have worked hard for is not a joke either, so, don’t drink and drive. But, if you end up in this corner, you need Jon Bryant Artz.

There was no one else I could have called, who could have even understood the severity of my case. Jon knew it was no walk in the park, he treated the situation with respect. He explained he would do everything in his power to help me, and that he did. Jon doesn’t just help you with your legal problems, he honestly wants the cycle of bad choices to stop in your life. So he told me to attend AA and make an honest effort, so I did. As time goes on of course all the ramifications of a DUI are coming. NO LICENSE. COURT. DMV HEARINGS.

Jon acts fast, he deals with the DMV and exercises my due process. Just to inform you this entire ordeal lasted more than a year, and I didn’t lose my license for one day, thanks to Jon. That was just the DMV, back to court where they want to hang me. So we go back to court where I have a preceding to determine if there is enough evidence to sustain the charges. Well, the CHP report said yes, therefore, there was. It continues, Jon makes motion after motion to get the charges dismissed, reduced or no jail time. But the court does not care and overlooks motion after motion. Their afraid of the liability dismissing such case could hold, so they place the hardship on the State. Jon was the only individual who actually looked at the case evidence, the court only looked at the circumstance. So, here we are with no option but to accept a 16 month stint or exercise my right and go to trial. Was I scared?

I was worried like a man going to trail but, Jon had hope. Please don’t misunderstand me, one can never lose hope, faith, or believe in a higher power, but Jon is definitely the wagon it rides upon. It is time, we are going to trial, Jon was direct and honest every step of the way. Jon would educate me on the strict policies a DUI must adhere to, and his beautiful staff was always available. Jon even picked up my phone call on a Holiday weekend to calm my nerves. He worked countless hours on my case, researched day and night. I remember he called the weekend before trail, a Sunday night, he was still at his office working on my case, and he had been working all weekend.

When it comes to defending you in a DUI case, there is no other individual who will genuinely care anymore than Jon. During trial, standing in front of a judge who is telling me that this is my absolute last chance to take the deal (which in my case it was 7 years), and proceeds tells me of the many times he has received letter from prisoners serving their maximum sentence and wished they had taken the deal. This is when Jon turns to me not as my attorney, but rather as a person who can see themselves in my shoes and advises me to proceed.

That’s when I knew that there would be no other attorney more skilled, experienced and capable than Jon. I can go on and on about Jon’s methods and style but it would be an endless story.

Here, is one of my most memorable examples, on a trial day some random attorney happens to walk into the court room during a court break, he hears the case. I can tell he is trying not to laugh in my direction, as he can already guesstimate the verdict. In fact I remember so clearly because he said “what is there to argue in this case?”. A week long battle goes on, Jon was flawless, he was able to counter every piece of evidence they had. He even got the States expert to admit that some of the facts set against me where inaccurate.

It took about a day and a half for the jurors to deliberate and come back with a verdict. At this point, I knew in my heart that Jon had done everything in his power to defend me. Before the verdict was read he turned to me and gave me a huge hug, and said “no matter what happens, leave it to your higher power”. The verdict was read, “Not Guilty”. I burst into tears and hugged Jon.

I was going home with my family that day. Jon was able to prove that the States case was unsustainable from the beginning. Jon saved my life, he also taught me that I can stay sober. It has been two years of sobriety and I thank Jon for most of that.