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The Artz & Sturm Advantage

Why Hire “The Best DUI Lawyers in Los Angeles”?

L.A. Super Lawyers™ Artz & Sturm Are Your Best Defense against a CA DUI Charge

  • 70 years’ combined DUI defense experience. No matter how complex or challenging your case, we’ve been there, done that—and won. “Unwinnable” DUI cases are our specialty.
  • 99% of clients stay out of jail and keep driving. Our success record in drunk driving, “buzzed driving,” and California criminal defense cases is consistent, proven, and unmatched.
  • “Not Guilty” verdicts in 90% of Jury Trials. Other DUI lawyers will play it safe and plea bargain rather than go to trial. We have the skill to take complex cases to a jury trial and win.
  • ALL charges dismissed in 80% of jury trials — even with difficult cases involving prior arrests, injury accidents, eye witnesses, high blood alcohol levels, and BAC test refusals.
  • Our reputation motivates DA’s to cut better deals. CA prosecutors know our track record, and are willing to make pre-trial concessions rather than risk losing an expensive public trial.
  • SuperLawyer™ Craig Sturm is a former LA Public Defender. His early experience in the Los Angeles courts gives him a strategic advantage and “insider” perspective in DUI defense cases.
  • SuperLawyer™ Jon Artz wrote the book on DUI Law. Jon has created dozens of legal Motions and Jury Instructions that have become standard practice for California DUI Defense.
  • We are experts in the science of DUIs. We are trained in the breath and blood-alcohol machines used in L.A., and skillfully use that knowledge to weaken the prosecution’s case.

Most importantly…

  • We care about you. DUI lawyers are sometimes more concerned about their cases than their clients. We go the extra mile to explain, reassure, protect, and serve each and every client.

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