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Felony DUI Defense

Artz & Sturm Law Group, with over 70 years of combined experience defending DUI charges, specializes in FELONY related DUI arrests. This includes felony manslaughter charges, e.g,. California Penal Code Section 191.5, felony DUI alcohol/drugs under Vehicle Code Section 23153, and fourth offense arrests.

DUI lawyer Craig Sturm uses expertise, skill, and threat of trial to negotiate great deals or win at trial if at all possible. While these cases are time intensive and expensive, including expert witnesses, there are always legal issues that Artz and Sturm can develop which help to get a better resolution of the case.  What is it worth to avoid state prison?

Examples of Felony DUI Cases Won by Our Team of DUI Attorneys

  1. One client turned left at a traffic controlled intersection and struck a motorcycle, killing the driver.  He then panicked and drove away and was pulled over a few blocks away; felony hit and run and manslaughter charges were brought.  The case was resolved to 1 year in county jail and an alcohol program.  The DUI was defensible despite a .11%  blood alcohol content, but the “hit and run” was a loser to the jury.  The case will be reduced to a misdemeanor at the end of probation.
  2. Another felony 23153 in which 4 fireman were injured by the client driving over the double yellow with a .25% blood alcohol and a prior DUI was negotiated to 3 months county jail.  Client will get a misdemeanor at the end of probation on that case.  Artz and Sturm Law Group fought the admission of the blood test results as violative of the 4th amendment (no warrantless searches) and that the preliminary alcohol-screening (PAS) test was not accurate and had no foundation.  The District Attorney was concerned about losing the case.

The list goes on.  Artz and Sturm love being of service and developing problems for the prosecution, winning strategy for clients, and guiding clients into recovery efforts as the best approach to getting results. Don’t settle. Hire the best felony DUI lawyers in Los Angeles. Call us today. 310-400-6356