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Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Los Angeles

Protecting Your Rights & Freedom

No one can deny that domestic violence has become a real problem in the U.S. – thousands of cases of domestic violence are reported each year. Unfortunately, not every charge of domestic violence is valid. Some take advantage of the situation by creating false claims, whether for monetary gain or revenge on an ex-partner or family member.

Allegations of domestic violence are some of the worst kind because they have such serious, long-term repercussions. If you are terrified of these charges ruining your life, do not hesitate to contact our domestic violence attorney in Los Angeles. Artz & Sturm Law Group is determined to powerfully defend you.

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What Is Domestic Violence?

Many people associate domestic violence as only existing between a pair of spouses or romantic partners, but in reality, there are a host of other scenarios that also count as domestic violence. No matter what, a crime that qualifies in this regard always involves a type of harm that has been inflicted by the perpetrator upon a victim. This victim is either currently related or intimate with the perpetrator, or such a relationship existed in the past.

Some of the most common charges of domestic violence include:

  • Spousal or partner abuse
  • Domestic abuse from another family member
  • Assault and battery
  • Neglect
  • Emotional abuse

It is important to remember that domestic violence does not merely consist of physical damage. Many victims attest to the fact that the emotional and mental harm they received had even longer side effects than physical beatings. Even if it was not your intention to harm a family member or intimate partner, damaging their quality of life could mean that you will be charged with domestic violence. Moreover, physical force with an intimate partner or family member can also constitute domestic violence, even if you immediately felt regret, or did not end up causing an actual injury.

What Are the Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction?

One of the most devastating effects of a charge against domestic violence is that the conviction often is placed on your record for the rest of your life. Misdemeanors are just as much a part of your complete and permanent public records. This means that your prospective employers could look at your background and discover felony and misdemeanor charges. This same problem will affect your ability to find a house, or even your ability to maintain custodial relationships with your children if you are divorced.

Avoiding Dangerous Repercussions

To be free of such a serious allegation, you will need to be proactive by getting our domestic violence lawyer in Los Angeles to support you. At Artz & Sturm Law Group, we can help you protect against your reputation being soiled by false allegations.

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