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About Jon Bryant Artz

Preeminent Los Angeles DUI Attorney for 48 years

Jon Artz at his desk - Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

DUI defense attorney, author, and lecturer Jon Bryant Artz (1943-2021) specialized in DUI Defense for over 48 years and has been called the Best DUI Lawyer in CNN Legal Analyst Roger Cossack. Designated a 2020 SuperLawyer™, Mr. Artz was known throughout the California courts for winning “unwinnable” drunk- and drugged-driving cases and keeping 99% of his clients out of jail (and driving) on a first or second DUI offense. Other DUI attorneys often pleas bargain and settle out of court, but Artz had the confidence to win “Not Guilty” verdicts—all charges dismissed—in over 81% of his DUI jury trials, even in cases involving prior convictions, injury accidents, BAC test refusals, and eye witnesses. California prosecutors knew Jon’s reputation and were motivated to make concessions rather than risk losing in an expensive public trial.

Mr. Artz authored dozens of innovative Pre-Trial Motions (“Artz Motions”) and Special Jury Instructions that have become standard practice in CA DUI Defense. He was a sought-after speaker at the California Public Defenders Association, the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, and other prestigious legal associations. In 2015, the California DUI Lawyers Association (CDLA) awarded Jon with the Edward Kuwatch Award, presented to the attorney who has made the greatest impact on DUI defense.

Mr. Artz received his Juris Doctor from UCLA Law School in 1971, and made history three years later by winning a 7/0 reversal from the California Supreme Court, in the first interpretation of Penal Code §1192.5 (People v. Johnson (1974) 10 Cal 3rd 868). He has served as a Judge Pro Tempore at Los Angeles County Superior Courts in Malibu, West Los Angeles, and Van Nuys, and taught at Pepperdine University School of Law.

Jon Artz had a Martindale AV rating of 5.0 “Preeminent” and an AVVO 10.0 score of “Superb,” the highest scores possible. Based in West L.A., he offered comprehensive DUI services including DMV advocacy to win back clients’ drivers licenses and their freedom to drive.


  • Certificate of Appreciation from California Public Defenders Association for “Outstanding Contributions in Field of Legal Education and Trial Advocacy in Criminal Defense” (2008).
  • Certificate of Appreciation from Superior Court of Los Angeles.
  • Excellence Award from The Private Defenders Association.
  • Certified by The Supreme Court of United States.

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Craig Sturm of Artz & Sturm is considered among the best DUI lawyers in Los Angeles by many judges, prosecutors, and prominent lawyers.  Yes, Artz & Sturm Law Group goes to trial a great deal — and wins more often — than other attorneys.

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Based in West Los Angeles, Artz & Sturm Law Group offers comprehensive DUI & DMV services including DMV advocacy with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.  Respected and well known throughout the California court system, Artz & Sturm is especially active in all courts throughout Los Angeles County, including Venice, Santa Monica, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Malibu, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita, as well as the South Bay, Ventura County, and Orange County.