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Celebrity DUI Attorney | Los Angeles, CA

When Hollywood agents and managers get late-night calls from celebrity clients in jail on DUI charges, their next call is usually to Artz & Sturm Law Group. Why?

Entertainment professionals know that Los Angeles DUI lawyers Artz and Sturm have an unmatched track record for protecting public and private figures whose reputations are at risk — keeping them working, out of jail, and out of the news.

Hollywood’s “Secret Weapon”

Artz & Sturm’s many decades of experience helping high-profile entertainment clients keep a low profile when it comes to drunk-driving arrests in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. They have the knowledge, relationships, and advanced creative strategies to calmly and quietly handle even the most distressing drug and alcohol DUI cases.

Their expert knowledge of California DUI laws, of the California court system, and of the individual judges, prosecutors, sheriffs — the players within that system — makes Artz and Sturm the top DUI lawyers in Los Angeles, and gives them an advantage when defending Hollywood’s elite.

What Can Artz & Sturm Law Group Do for Your Celebrity Client?

  • Keep them out of the courts
    Whenever possible, Artz and Sturm always appear before the judge on their clients’ behalf, so their clients can avoid the paparazzi and continue with their lives.
  • Keep their name out of the press.
    Artz and Sturm are expert Los Angeles DUI attorneys, skilled at turning potential PR disasters into media non-events, using creative strategies to stay one step ahead of the news-hungry media.
  • Minimize bad publicity and collateral damage.
    If reporters can’t get the celeb photos and footage they want, then their “hot” story suddenly dies on the vine. (For clients, no news is often the best news.)
  • Get DUI charges reduced or dismissed.
    Artz & Sturm Law Group’s stellar reputation as some of the top DUI attorneys in Los Angeles and relationships within the courts motivates prosecutors to work with them and their clients, not against them, in a non-adversarial way.
  • Minimize or avoid (“mandatory”) jail time.
    In serious felony DUI cases, Artz & Sturm use brilliant, little-known strategies to:

    • keep clients out of county jail — or get them released within hours
    • substitute house arrest or live-in rehab programs for jail time served

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