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  • Awarded Edward Kuwatch Award, the most prestigious award for a California DUI Lawyer.

    — California DUI Lawyers Association

  • “Jon Artz is simply the Best DUI Lawyer in California.”

    — Roger Cossack, Legal Analyst, ESPN

  • “Jon did a fantastic job. This was a second offense DUI, and he kept me out of jail. I would highly recommend Jon to anyone in the same position.”

    — Dennis M.

  • “Jon made it clear that he cared about winning my case. I never felt alone. He achieved a great outcome for me.”

    — Jeff A.

  • “Jon saved my life and my career, there is no doubt about it. He is truly incredible.”

    — J.R.

  • “I was quite satisfied with the results of the trial, I couldn’t have expected better results.”

    — Jon P.

  • “Your motions are creative, convincing, and brilliant, and they help achieve great results for defendants.”

    — Roger Lampkin

  • Charged with 2 felony counts of DUI w/ injury. Jon pulled off miracles and I couldn’t be more thankful.

    — Heather R.

Dui? I can help. Learn how.

Stay Out of Jail and Keep Your License

Don’t Risk your Freedom and Future

Craig Sturm of Artz and Sturm Law Group is considered the best and most experienced DUI lawyers in California. The firm brings the benefit of over 70 years of combined experience defending the toughest DUI cases in Los Angeles, the world capital of DUI.

Craig Sturm and Jon Artz have both independently achieved Super Lawyers™ status, and both are acknowledged experts and highly sought-after lecturers in DUI criminal defense and blood-alcohol science.

Sturm and Artz have an incredible record of success — 99% of their clients stay out of jail and keep their license on first or second DUI offenses, and they win “Not Guilty” verdicts — all charges dismissed — in 90% of their DUI jury trials, even in cases involving prior convictions, accidents, high blood alcohol levels, and BAC test refusals.

Jon Bryant Artz (1943-2021) specialized in DUI defense for 47 years, and was known as the “Best DUI Lawyer in California” by ESPN legal expert. Jon was one of the authors of “California Drunk Driving Law,” the Bible of DUI defense, and has been honored by the California DUI Lawyers Association (CDLA) for his innovative and groundbreaking DUI defense strategies.

Craig M. Sturm brings the same exceptional track record to marijuana, drug, and “buzzed” driving DUI charges and other criminal defense cases.

The consequences of a DUI conviction can be devastating to your career and family. Don’t risk your future by hiring a merely “good” DUI attorney. Protect your freedom by hiring the best of the best.

Call Artz & Sturm Law Group today, and turn your potential DUI felony into a secure defense victory.

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