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Why Artz & Sturm?

Top 10 Reasons to Call LA DUI Super Lawyers™ Artz & Sturm

  1. They have specialized in California DUI Defense for 70 years total.
  2. They are experts in “Creative Sentencing” alternatives to avoid jail.
  3. They are experts at defending buzzed, drugged and drunk driving DUIs.
  4. They have in-depth training in the machines California uses to test BAC levels.
  5. They are powerful advocates with DMV, helping clients keep their driver’s license.
  6. They win 9 out of 10 DUI jury trials with “All Charges Dismissed.”
  7. Their success record motivates DA’s to cut better deals to avoid a jury trial.
  8. They belong to an elite corps of “Celebrity DUI lawyers” in Southern California.
  9. They created trial strategies that have become standard practice in CA DUI Defense.
  10. They truly care about their clients, offering addiction recovery counseling and more.