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Drug Crimes

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Drug Crime Lawyer in Los Angeles

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Have you been charged with a drug crime? While some drug offenses are considered more serious, and thereby punished more harshly than others, a conviction for any type of drug-related crime can result in several significant consequences. Even simple drug possession charged as a misdemeanor could cost you $1,000 in fines and up to a year in county jail. If you are convicted for drug trafficking, a first offense could result in five to 40 years in prison and a maximum fine of $5,000,000.

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Types of Drug Crimes in Los Angeles

There are several kinds of drug-related offenses in California, including:

  • Drug possession – Possession of any usable amount of a controlled substance can result in legal consequences. This can include illegal drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, or LSD, or prescription drugs without a valid prescription. To obtain a conviction, the prosecution must show that you possessed the substance, had knowledge of the substance’s presence, knew that the substance was a controlled substance, and the amount of the drug was indeed “usable.”
  • Possession with intent to sell – If it can be proven that a defendant purchased the drugs they now possess with the intent to sell them, he or she will face more serious consequences. The specific penalties will be based on the amount of the drug, how they were packaged, and the circumstances leading to the arrest.
  • Under the influence – A person may be convicted of a crime for simply being “under the influence” of an illicit drug, even if they do not have any on their person. Being under the influence is considered to be a type of possession of a controlled substance.
  • Driving under the influence – While most people think of DUI as relating to alcohol, a person can also be charged with driving under the influence of drugs, including marijuana. If prescription drugs impair a person’s ability to drive, this can also result in charges. Not only is the defendant at risk of fines and jail time, but also license suspension.
  • Transporting drugs – It is illegal to transport a controlled substance in the state of California. The charges and punishments vary depending on the specific nature of the crime and the amount of drugs. If it can be proven that the drugs were being transported to sell them, the penalties imposed will be much higher.
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia – Charges can also be given to those who possess tools or instruments that are used to consume drugs. Common drug paraphernalia include pipes, syringes, bongs, torches, and hypodermic needles. These types of charges typically accompany other drug charges.
  • Prescription drug fraud – An individual may be charged with this type of fraud when they forge a doctor’s signature to get a prescription filled. A far less common scenario that can result in charges is when a doctor prescribes a drug under false pretenses – such as receiving payment from drug manufacturers.

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