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When to Call a DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested on DUI charges in California, whether after a police pull-over or at a DUI checkpoint, it is critical that you waste no time in contacting a professional DUI lawyer. Following the arrest, DUI proceedings can move very quickly. California DUI law is very complex which is why you need an experienced DUI lawyer to successfully navigate on short notice.

When to call a Los Angeles DUI defense attorney

How Can a DUI Lawyer Help Me?

Never assume your case is hopeless. There are many creative ways a skilled DUI lawyer can fight to reduce your charges, in even the most difficult situations. The law presumes you innocent until proven guilty, and a good Los Angeles DUI defense attorney will know how to fight for you in court against the prosecution and present the facts to the jury (if you go to trial) so they can bring justice to your case.

Rather than give up and simply enter a guilty plea, it is nearly always better to challenge the evidence brought against you, including improperly conducted breath and blood tests. A great DUI lawyer can get test results invalidated for improper administration, get illegally collected evidence thrown out, and get the charges dropped if your rights were violated during the arrest or pull-over.

Some specific ways that a DUI lawyer can help you win your case include:

  • Obtaining all police records related to your arrest and analyzing them for possible errors and violations.
  • Securing witnesses in your favor, including expert witnesses, who can cast doubt on the prosecution’s story if the case goes to trial.
  • Conducting sentence bargaining, when appropriate, to get a reduction to a lesser charge and a lighter sentence. Experienced DUI lawyers know how to negotiate for a favorable plea agreement and often know ahead of time which prosecutors are willing to negotiate.

What Possible Sentences Do I Face?

Even for a first-time misdemeanor DUI in the City of Los Angeles, those convicted can face serious ramifications, such as:

  • Three years of summary probation
  • A fine of $390 with penalty assessments, a total fine of about $2,000, or, 13 days or community service, or 13 days in jail
  • Three or six months of mandatory drug/alcohol education classes
  • Six to 10 months with a suspended or restricted license

For second offenses occurring within 10 years of a previous offense, it is even more crucial to hire a skilled attorney since sentencing elements are even harsher:

  • Three to five years of summary probation
  • Ninety-six hours to 12 months of jail time
  • A base fine ranging from $390 to $1,000 and penalty assessments
  • Eighteen months of DUI school
  • Two full years with a suspended license
  • Twelve months before being eligible for a restricted license

Which DUI Lawyer Should I Hire?

When choosing a DUI lawyer, it is best to select one who specializes on DUI cases and handles numerous such cases on a regular basis. It is also wise to select a locally based attorney who is familiar not only with state DUI law but also local court procedures and even specific judges/prosecutors who might be involved in your case. In particular, be wary of using a public defender. While free to use, they are also often inexperienced and too overloaded with work to give adequate attention to your needs. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask your lawyer about the costs of his/her services—a good lawyer will not be offended by such questions.

Acting immediately to schedule an initial consultation and get the advice you need to defend yourself against DUI charges is the best way to optimize your chance in court. DUI defense specialists know how to obtain the best possible outcome to a wide array of DUI case-types.

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