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States with the Highest Drunk Driving Rates

dui attorneyIf you have recently been charged with a DUI or you have had one in the recent past, you are likely aware of the difficult process it entails. A DUI charge can affect many areas of your life and could leave you without a license or even dealing with jail time.

Which States Have the Largest Percentage of Drunk Drivers?

There are some states within the U.S. that tend to have a higher rate of drunk drivers. The largest amount of problems tend to be across the Midwest and in Hawaii, although some of the western states top the list as well.

Hawaii has 995 drunk driving episodes a year, this is per 1000 people, which amounts to nearly every person in the state driving drunk at some point. The statistics also show that people across the Midwest are more likely to get behind the wheel drunk than in other areas across the country.

States like Alabama, Arkansas and Georgia are all in the top 20 drunk driving states, however the western states like Arizona and Colorado are also towards the top of the list. So how do you stay safe out on the road with these kind of statistics in play?

How to Stay Safe on the Road

If you are heading out and you know you will be drinking, stay close to home so you can walk. If that is not an option have a designated driver or catch public transport.

If you are driving, these tips can help you stay safe from those on the road that may have decided to drink and drive.

  • Wear a seat belt.
  • Don’t use your cell phone while driving.
  • If you see a driver that looks like they are all over the road, stay a safe distance from the vehicle.
  • Stay aware of what is happening around you at all times, don’t let the radio, phone, or passengers distract you.
  • Don’t drive in a car where the driver has been drinking.
  • Slow down and make sure you are respecting the speed limit at all times.
  • If you are a pedestrian stay on the sidewalk, don’t walk on shoulders or bike lanes.

What Happens if you Receive a DUI Charge?

If you receive a DUI charge, the best thing to do is to hire an experienced DUI attorney to help you deal with the charges. When you have a legal team that is proficient in dealing with DUI cases, you can make sure that you will have the best chance of a dismissal or at reducing any sentencing while being able to remain calm and relaxed, knowing that you have someone on your side.

If you are looking for an experienced DUI attorney in Los Angeles, call or contact Jon Artz today.

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