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North Hollywood and Koreatown Have the Most DUI Arrests This Year

The Korea Times has recently reported that, from January 1st to October 24th of 2015, Los Angeles had a total of 1,995 DUI arrests. Alarmingly, there were more people arrest on DUI in North Hollywood (146) and in Koreatown (126) than in any other L.A. neighborhood. Also concerning was the fact that this represented a 10% increase for the two localities over the 2014 statistics.

Los Angeles DUI lawyer

In L.A. County at large, DUI arrests are up as well- in January, they were on pace to nearly double. Part of the reason is the “holiday crackdowns” of recent years, and future holiday seasons only look to become even stricter.

If you find yourself facing allegations of DUI this holiday season, you may be facing serious consequences that could affect you for many years. The wise course of action is to waste no time in contacting an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer to handle your case.

Los Angeles County DUI Penalties

In Los Angeles, state and county law combine to render extremely strict sentencing when it comes to DUI convictions. A first-time misdemeanor offense can lead to 3 to 5 years of summary probation, a total of around $1,400 in fines, and mandatory attendance at DUI School for 3 to 9 months. An ignition interlock device must also be installed on the offender’s vehicle, and the judge may opt to assign community service time as well.

Sentencing enhancements can also be added for such factors as the occurrence of an auto accident or refusal to take a chemical test, and repeat offense are significantly more severe. Finally, the DUI may be charged as a felony if a serious injury or death resulted from the DUI.

How to Stay Safe and Avoid a DUI

Today, there are numerous apps that you can use to call in help to drive you safely home, and there are also many ride-share programs to accomplish the same purpose in a more pre-planned way. Finally, you can always bring a personal designated driver or call a friend or a relative to drive you home rather than risking your own safety, the safety of others, and suffering the consequences of a DUI.

If you do end up pulled over on suspicion of DUI, regardless of the facts, always make sure to treat the police officer with respect. Doing otherwise will only aggravate an already bad situation.

What to Do If Arrested on DUI Charges

As the holidays approach, the number of DUI arrest will soar all across the state of California. You might be pulled over without probable cause. The police officer might arrest you without reading you your Miranda rights, or he / she may administer the field sobriety test incorrectly. A good Los Angeles DUI Lawyer will know how to identify these arguments to help you get your charges reduced, and in some instances, your case dismissed.

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