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What is the Min / Max Amount of Time I Can Lose my Driving Privileges for DUI?

Los Angeles DUI lawyerCalifornia DUI laws are tough. They are some of the toughest in the nation. However, there’s no standard answer to the above question. Once a charge of DUI has been leveled against an individual, that person has 10 days to appeal the charge the charge to the California DMV. So, determining which Los Angeles DUI lawyer will represent you is your best immediate step. Although you have the option of approaching the DMV yourself, having an experienced law firm at that time increases your chances of retaining your driver’s license.

As to the question of how long you may keep or lose your driver’s license, there is no pat answer. California has laws in place for such offenses, but they should be viewed as guidelines instead of immovable laws. There are a variety of variable circumstances which may make your situation unique. One charged with such an offense can have situations making the charge not fit into a nice, comfortable pigeonhole. Your best bet is to seek counsel as quickly as possible, regardless as to whether the charges leveled are chemical or alcohol related.

You may have read on other attorney websites that California law will determine that you:

  • Will have mandatory jail time – not an absolute.
  • Will lose your license for a period of six months or more – not an absolute.
  • Will be required to install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) on all your vehicles – not an absolute.
  • Will have to attend a driving under the influence program for three months or more – not an absolute.

These types of punishments for a drunk driving charge listed on an attorney’s site are designed to intimidate you – at a time when you’re already feeling vulnerable. There are no hard and fast rules affecting your ability to drive once you have been charged. You don’t necessarily need to be preoccupied with such information. That’s for your attorney to deal with after you have been charged. That’s why you should seek a Los Angeles DUI lawyer to take your case. Every DUI case rests on its merits. Your need to hire an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer who can interpret those merits in their client’s favor.

There are attorneys who know how the legal system can work against you or for you. Wouldn’t you rather be represented by a firm that welcomes you and tells you they will represent you in the best possible manner, instead of turning your circumstances into a foregone dread?

There are chinks in the armor of the justice system. Let your case be handled by a Los Angeles DUI lawyer who knows how to find and deal properly with those chinks. Your case is not set in stone to become another statistic for the court system. Get the bold, experienced and professional representation you deserve.

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