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How Long Will It Take For My DUI Case to Get Processed?

dui attorney los angelesGetting an DUI can disrupt your life and leave you wondering how long it will take before you can put this incident behind you. The circumstances of your case can cause wide variations in the amount of time it takes for your DUI case to be processed. Not all DUI lawyers in Los Angeles are created equal but a good lawyer can help answer your questions and walk you through this difficult and often time-consuming process.

When Will The First Court Date Occur?

Your first court date, called an arraignment, normally occurs within one to three months of your arrest. However, the California Highway Patrol or CHP can take longer because the the CHP is dilatory in filing complaints. CHP postponement in filing the complaint can delay the prosecutor getting your arrest report and may result in the prosecutor being unable to file a complaint before the date on your Notice to Appear. Then you will get notice of a new court date by mail.

What Happens After The Arraignment?

After your arraignment is held, the time it takes for your trial can vary greatly depending on the facts of your case. DUI lawyers in Los Angeles need time to secure and evaluate all the evidence before your trial and may file motions to exclude evidence.

A skilled DUI lawyer in Los Angeles will request a DMV hearing and probably subpoena that arresting officer to testify under oath about the circumstances of your arrest. This hearing must be requested within ten days of receiving your Notice of Suspension, which is also known as a Revocation order. This order is typically received on the same date as your arrest so it is important to evaluate the DUI lawyers in the Los Angeles area and select one as soon as possible so they can timely prepare the request for a hearing.

A tape of the arresting officer’s testimony in this hearing can be used to help reduce the charges or impeach the officer at the time of your trial. Delays may seem frustrating but in most cases a delay gives DUI lawyers in Los Angeles time to strengthen your defense.

Choices in Legal Representation

You have three choices in your legal representation as you navigate through the legal repercussions of your DUI:

  1. You may choose to represent yourself
  2. You may be given the option of a public defender if you qualify
  3. You may hire one of the private DUI lawyers in Los Angeles

Given the complex legal process and ramifications that a DUI can have on your life, it is generally a bad idea to face these charges without a lawyer by your side. The public defender can not help you with the DMV since it is a civil manner, not criminal.

Not everyone qualifies for a public defender, but even if you do you might feel more comfortable with a private DUI lawyer as public defenders generally have less time and resources to devote to your defense, and usually do not have the same level of experience as a seasoned DUI veteran.

Additionally, a public defender is assigned to you at random so you have no choice in which public defender represents you. If you choose to hire a private attorney, you may want to time to evaluate several DUI laywers in Los Angeles and select the one that makes you feel confident in their expertise and helps you feel at ease.

Once you’ve obtained legal counsel, the most important thing you can do is relax and trust your lawyer to help you navigate through what can be a tedious legal process.

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