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How to Get Support During Your DUI Process

DUI lawyer Los AngelesGetting a DUI is an overwhelming experience that can lead to severe anxiety and depression. From court hearings to fines, it may seem like there’s no end to the consequences. While it’s important for DUI offenders to adhere to the penalties, it’s just as critical that they practice self-care. If you’ve recently been arrested, your first step is to contact a DUI attorney. The second is to find a practical method of support to ensure your emotional wellbeing.

Find a program or rehabilitation center

Whether or not its court appointed, a 12 step program can be highly beneficial. Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all process, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Try several programs until you find one that works for you. Similarly, you might find peace and healing at a rehabilitation center. They vary in cost, duration, and ideology, so be sure to research several programs once you’d decided to accept help. has a 12 step meeting finder and treatment center index for your reference.

Utilize free online resources

There are several online support groups that allow you to maintain confidentiality while getting support from fellow DUI offenders. Be wary of legal advice and always consult your attorney with questions pertaining to your case.

  • Reddit – Browse the DUI “subreddit” for support or search for state-specific questions and stories.
  • Experience Project – While the community has temporarily suspended new posts, guests are still able to read others’ DUI stories.
  • Support Groups – Join thousands of users in whatever group best suits your needs. The “alcohol” group is comprised of over 18,000 users.

Practice mindfulness and meditation

  • Therapy: Consider speaking to a professional about your DUI. Addiction specialists are preferred as they will be the most understanding and insightful. If you’re feeling reluctant to share your personal story, take solace in the fact they’ve seen and heard much worse.
  • Meditation: You don’t need to be a yogi to meditate. Studies show that even 5-10 minutes per day can have a significant impact on your mental health by improving awareness and eradicating negative thoughts from your subconscious. Simply sit in silence with no distractions and breathe deeply. Add a positive mantra if you’d like. Try a free mobile app like Calm for guided meditation.
  • Journaling: Don’t censor yourself; simply write whatever thoughts come to mind. If you’re feeling less creative, write out 3 short and long term goals for yourself (unrelated to your DUI) and action items by which to achieve them.

Talk to someone you trust

  • It may feel empowering to own your mistakes and tell everyone about your DUI, but use caution until you’ve had a chance to fully process what happened. Be sure you’re ready to hear harsh opinions from people you love. Not everyone views a DUI as a forgivable mistake, so stick to one or two close friends or family members who you know will support you emotionally. This is especially true the more severe your circumstances such as an accident that resulted in injury or death.
  • Although you may fear losing your job after getting a DUI, it might help to discuss the incident with a superior. If there is any doubt as to whether you should disclose this information for legal reasons, utilize the Human Resources department.

No matter the circumstances, you are a human being who made a mistake. By taking advantage of support groups and self-care techniques, you will be one step closer to putting the past behind you. For information on particular alcohol classes or local rehabilitation centers, ask your DUI lawyer for a referral.

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