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What Happens to My License?


“What Happens to My License After A DUI Arrest?”

Full Video Transcript:

You may wonder the status of your license. The DMV is going to suspend it beginning 30 days from your arrest date. You must, or your attorney must, request a hearing within 10 days of the date of your arrest. The solution to the suspension, is three-fold. #1, win the DMV hearing. It’s possible with competent counsel. #2, get a restricted license of which you are eligible after 60 days from the arrest date if a first offence, or 120 days for second offense. #3, get an acquittal in court, which you then take the acquittal back to the DMV and the suspension goes away. That’s an acquittal on the v.c. 23152b charge, driving with .08 or higher.

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