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Woman Livestreams Herself Drunk Driving, Leads to Arrest

los angeles DUI lawyerThe nature of DUI cases is such that there are many strange DUI arrest stories. One of the most outrageous in recent news was the Florida woman who chose to livestream herself, allegedly drunk driving, on Periscope. During her broadcast, she tells viewers that she is drunk while slurring her speech. Police were able to track her with the help of some landmarks and perform a traffic stop, but only after she attempted to elude pursuit.

Officers stated that when they initiated a traffic stop, the vehicle struck a curb and kept moving without slowing. When her vehicle finally did come to a stop, police officers said that they observed an odor of alcohol coming from the car. Field sobriety tests were administered and failed and the woman was arrested for DUI. Obviously this is an extreme and unusual case, but some tips can be derived from the situation.

Helpful Tips From A DUI Lawyer

  • Do Not Drink And Drive – The simplest way to avoid a situation like this one is to not drink and drive in the first place. This is not to say that nobody has ever been falsely accused of DUI, but the odds are in your favor if you are not impaired in the first place.
  • Do Not Livestream Yourself Drinking And Driving – It is always a terrible decision to drink and drive, but livestreaming the entire thing is exponentially worse. Every second that you appear drunk on camera is building a case against yourself that will be difficult to refute. Beyond this, the fact that the woman in this case specifically said that she was drunk driving will put her in an almost impossible situation in the courtroom. There are many cases of alleged criminals recording or confessing to criminal activities, but this was one of the most blatant. Even if you are not drinking and driving, the safest bet is to not use any electronic device to access the internet while driving.
  • If Arrested For DUI, Get Legal Representation – If you drink and drive and you are arrested, it puts you in a difficult situation. The whole scenario will be made much worse if you try to go it alone. The first thing that you should do if you are arrested on suspicion of DUI is to get legal representation. To take it a step further, it is best to choose an attorney who specializes in DUI defense as the laws surrounding impaired driving are complex and strict.

Most reasonable people are not going to choose to livestream themselves driving under the influence. That is what made this story so fascinating in the first place. For anyone who might have been thinking about doing this, please heed the tips above and do not drink and drive or portray yourself on the internet doing so. Above all else, if you are ever arrested for DUI, especially in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California, be sure to hire a skilled DUI lawyer to defend you in court. Call me at 310-820-1315 today to discuss your case in confidence.

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