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7 Ways to Beat Your California DUI Charges

Getting charged with a DUI is scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Although there is a lot of negativity around this, and you may have been told by others that there is no hope of getting your charges reduced, in many cases this is entirely false. Even if there is a lot of evidence against you, don’t be so quick to plead guilty. Doing so erases your bargaining power, rendering you practically helpless.

Los Angeles DUI attorney

Despite what you’ve been taught, there are a number of ways to get DUI charges reduced or eliminated entirely in California. Here are seven of the defenses that can be used to help lessen the charges, taking a weight off your shoulders.

  • Chemical tests aren’t always accurate indicators of alcohol impairment. Some studies contradict the effectiveness of these legal limit testers. Many things can change the accuracy of these tests, from user error, inaccurate periodic testing, failure to be able to prove compliance with proper scientific procedure.
  • DUI isn’t the only explanation for alleged bad driving. There are numerous other reasons you may have been pulled over. You may have been agitated, stressed out, or in a hurry in some way or inattention.
  • California DUI sobriety checkpoints must adhere to specific legal requirements. What this means is that if these requirements weren’t strictly adhered to, your case may be dismissed. For example if you arrived at a DUI roadblock, this roadblock would have had to be publicly advertised.
  • The BAC (blood alcohol level) result may not be accurate. Many factors can come into play here, the most common of which is called “rising blood alcohol levels”. This means that you may have been driving at less than .08% even though they have a result above 0.08%. By waiting to administer the test, the results were skewed unfairly.
  • Police have an obligation to follow proper procedures. For example, the officer has to have probable cause for pulling over your vehicle.
  • Blood testing isn’t always accurate. A number of factors can taint the results, including improper storage of your blood sample or contamination on the part of the lab, rendering results useless.

When you need help getting the best possible result for a DUI, it’s important to contact a Los Angeles DUI attorney specializing in this area. This is a crucial step to getting your case reduced. It isn’t something to be overlooked since it’s unlikely a judge will take you seriously without one. There are ways to get out of a DUI. All it takes is a little help and a lot of knowledge.

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