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Trial starts over disciplining of Reno officer in alleged sexual DUI stop

The rule was put into place after a Reno officer was killed during a stop that other officers did not know about. Police departments also embraced the rule because they recognized that some officers use their positions of authority to gain sexual favors, so the call-out rule protects the public, he said.

“The evidence will be clear that no officer is supposed to operate under the cover of darkness as a ghost,” Jeanney said. “The rule is in place so the officer knows he doesn’t have the cloak of darkness, the cloak of the ghost to commit sexual acts.”

Pitsnogle “openly violated the order,” Jeanney said.

Campbell said both the girl and the officer were responsible for the things that occurred that night. She began the encounter by lying to Pitsnogle about whether she had been drinking and where she was going, he said.

She then went on to joke with Pitsnogle about how she could get out of a DUI arrest by offering food, and then oral sex, Campbell said.

First on the stand, the girl, now 22, testified that since the traffic stop, she has graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in philosophy and plans to got to law school. But she no longer feels comfortable being in Reno because of the memories of that night.

She described driving at about 1 a.m. with a friend when Pitsnogle pulled her over on a possible curfew violation. He said he smelled alcohol and began a series of tests, she said. She failed the first standing-on-one foot test, but passed the second one.

Pitsnogle had her take in a breathalyzer test, but after she blew in the machine, he complained that it wasn’t working, she said. He then began telling her that if she was arrested, her life would be ruined, she said, adding that she was sobbing and upset.

“He asked me ‘why shouldn’t I arrest you,'” she said. “I told him I’m a good student. I volunteer. I didn’t want to be a person with a DUI.”

“He kind of nodded and said, ‘but how would that benefit me?'” she said. She asked how others have gotten out of an arrest and he said they offered money “and other things,” she said.

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