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Surprising Ways A DUI Can Impact Your Life

Wine glasses full of rose are held up together ready to cheers in a toast.Every year, one percent of drivers in America get arrested for driving under the influence. However, many drivers do not realize that a DUI addition to your background if convicted can have penalties far beyond the payment of fines and hike in insurance premiums. Medical and legal professionals arrested or convicted of a DUI in the state of California face additional penalties including revocation and probation while 27 percent of managers admit that a conviction can prompt a dismissal. Some of the examples of the ripple effects a DUI can have on your life may be quite surprising to you.

Car Rentals

Surprisingly, your approval rating for rentals can be affected by a DUI. One of the first instances that come to mind is the rental of a car. Most rental companies run a check on driver’s profile before completing the rental. Having a DUI on your driving record makes you a risk in their opinion. Established companies such as Hertz have stipulations in their policy, refusing to rent vehicles to drivers with DUIs on their record (mostly in the last four years). It is a good idea to check the company’s policy before heading to the rental counter.

Approval For Loans

Car rentals are not the only thing that can be affected. Your conviction is public record which means it can be accessed by an entity that opts to do a check. Many people often think a stellar credit score and history secures a mortgage or home loan. While most lenders use variations of your FICO score, many lenders now check criminal records to judge on other criteria. If you are considering borrowing to secure an investment property, you may also be offered interest rates on the higher end of the spectrum. Lenders can be swayed to view you as a higher risk borrower and according to golden rule of investment and lending; higher risk calls for a higher reward.

Your Credibility With Employers

Applying for a job is not as straightforward as simply matching your CV to the position anymore. More employers are making background checks (including online presence checks) a routine part of the recruitment process. In fact, a background check of some extent has become a universal part of the recruitment process. Over 96 percent of employers admit to performing a background check on applicants while Some of the checks include a social media check, standard credit check and more recently DVLA check. For jobs that include driving on company time, this is particularly applicable as well as those that offer benefits such as company cars as a part of the remuneration package. So how does a DUI affect your ability to gain employment?

Simply put, a DUI shows up on not only your driving history but can also show up as a criminal conviction. For jobs entailing driving or possession of a company vehicle, it may be a red flag for employers who are concerned with your ability to carry out your duties safely and respect for the company’s property. It also brings into question your judgment and approach to responsibility; two key traits employers look for in candidates. As a result, you should be prepared to not only explain but to be honest about your lessons learnt from the event when heading into your job interview.

Travel Restrictions

Finally, if you are thinking of traveling both internationally or domestic then you may experience travel restrictions. Airlines and travel authorities are quite strict on behavioral expectations so if your DUI involved some aspect of misbehavior, the airline could impose restrictions such as ban on alcohol or a breathalyzer test. In addition, there are countries you may not be allowed to travel to. Some of these include Canada, Dubai and Malaysia. In the visa process for most Asian countries, applicants are asked about any convictions or priors on the criminal record. They often run background check to ascertain whether the applicant is honest as well. Canada has imposed strict penalties against DUIs in their country, where a conviction is viewed as a felony. Those that do not serve jail time can sometimes be granted access pending the payment of a $200 fine.

The ripples from a driving under the influence charge extends well beyond your driving license. Your professional career and even your family life stand to be affected in some indirect way in the short and long term. If you have been charged with a DUI, it importantly to seek professional advice from specialized attorney who may be able to help you minimize the impacts.

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