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Super Bowl DUI Enforcement

The New England Journal of Medicine says, there was 41 percent increase in the average number of impaired driving related fatalities after 21 of the 27 last Super Bowls.

That’s higher than the increased number of New Years Eve fatalities over the past twenty years.

Football fans CBS 21 spoke with at Arooga’s in Cumberland County say alcohol is in their game plan, but they make sure to have a designated driver in their play book.

” Well I gotta ride here and getting a ride home with a friend who is picking us up who isn’t drinking,” said Corey Weems, Steelers fan.

” Taxi cab. I got a buddy of mine who drives. I have his number, I have two numbers actually. My cousin Doug, if he’s busy, I have someone else to call,” said Larry Dawson, Steelers fan.

In 2009, when the Steelers played the Cardinals, in Pennsylvania there were 55 impaired driving related crashes and one deadly crash.

” They will be out looking for impaired drivers, because that’s what they’re paid to do in overtime situations,” said George Geisler, PA DUI Association.

George Geisler is with Pennsylvania DUI Association and says the Super Bowl is the biggest party time of the year. Bigger than any other holiday.

” We want to just make sure that everyone has a great and safe time and that next year, when we get together for Super Bowl, there won’t be any empty chairs in the room, because someone lost their life in an impaired driving crash,” said Geisler.

Football fans agree.

” Life is too short. You don’t want to take that chance. Behind the wheel, anything can happen. You wont just hurt yourself, you’ll hurt someone else not worth it,” said Dawson.

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