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PCSO DUI Taskforce totals

Pinal County, AZ– This holiday season, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office collaborated with the numerous DUI Task Forces across Arizona from the Thanksgiving through New Years. Traffic and Patrol Deputies patrolled Pinal County roadways conducting both saturation patrols and one sobriety checkpoint.
The participating officers and their agencies joined forces in a commitment to removing impaired drivers from the roadways and thereby ensuring safer roads for the motoring public. Here are the results from this year.

Misdemeanor DUI – 124
Aggravated DUI – 10 (License is already suspended)
Under Age of 21 DUI – 7
Extreme DUI – 15 (Over .15 blood alcohol concentration)
Minor Consumption of Alcohol – 25
Other Violations – 164
Drug Influence Evaluations – 17
The Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and agencies throughout Pinal County are fully committed to making the streets safer through aggressive impaired driving enforcement and continued public education.
Sheriff Paul Babeu stated, “Statistics show on average, nationwide, someone is killed every 40 minutes by an impaired driver. On average in Arizona, 2.21 persons are killed as a result of motor vehicle collisions every day.”
“As your Sheriff, I am committed to providing the residents of Pinal County high-visibility, zero tolerance-traffic enforcement. High visibility, zero tolerance enforcement is at the foundation of any successful effort to reduce impaired driving and one of the ways we will ensure those traveling the roads of Pinal County are safer”
The Pinal County Regional DUI Task Force consists of law enforcement officers from agencies throughout Pinal County.
Sheriff Babeu stated, “Let our message be clear we will not tolerate impaired or reckless driving. Driving while impaired or recklessly endangers all people on Pinal County roads and highways. If you drive impaired or reckless, you will be arrested. No excuses, no exceptions.”
Funding for the Pinal County Regional DUI Task Force activities and equipment is provided through grant funding by the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety under the leadership of Director Alberto Gutier. “Drive Hammered, Get Nailed.”

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