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Novato man arrested for speeding, DUI

A Novato man, who was allegedly intoxicated, broke 120 mph in a 30 mph zone, according CHP reports.

Richard C. Quarles, 64, hit 111 mph on Wednesday around 3:30 p.m. on southbound Interstate 505 just north of Hwy. 16, CHP spokeswoman Cindy Leal said.

Quarles passed a nearby officer in the northbound lane who quickly turned around and gave pursuit.

It took the officer miles to catch up with Quarles, as Quarles hit speeds up to 121 mph, swerving onto the right shoulder and onto the center median, passing eight to 10 cars in the process and swinging the rear of his 1993 Toyota pickup so much it looked like he would lose control, Leal said.

The officer lit his emergency lights but Quarles continued, Leal stated.

Then, suddenly, Quarles hit the brakes when he was just south of State Route 128.

When the pickup finally stopped on the right shoulder, it was facing West, Leal said.

Quarles was arrested on suspicion of driving over 30 mph over the speed limit with a blood alcohol level higher than .08 percent with a potential penalty enhancement for a second DUI conviction in seven years.

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