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Not Guilty Plea For Jamie Pressley

Jaime Pressly stepped into court this week, and plead not guilty to her DUI charge. Jaime was charged back in January. Jaime’s year has not started on the right foot thus far: she is filing for divorce from her husband, she caught a DUI charge, and the IRS has revealed she owes some hefty back taxes to the tune of $637,000 (including state and federal taxes.)


Now, she has me wondering how in the world is she going to get out of this. I mean she can probably plea bargain her way out of jail time with some community service and a major fine, but I think that’s really about it. She is facing two charges related to driving under the influence; she better have one heck of a lawyer. Jaime Pressly was pulled over on Jan. 5th, and allegedly clocked a blood alcohol content level almost three times the legal limit. On Tuesday, she was formally charged with driving under the influence and driving with a blood-alcohol level of 0.20% or greater (according to L.A. Now.) Which basically means she was really really drunk.

You would think she would have called a cab or a close friend, that would have been the responsible thing to do.

Let’s be honest the media is really getting a kick out of all the celebrity DUI and drug drama, but they are doing little to prevent yet another celebrity statistic. I hope Jaime can keep her head up with all the issues that she is having right now. It’s not easy, but in recent pictures she has had this amazing grin on her face. So, I’m thinking she is in good spirits (or at least on them.) Let’s all wish her luck in the next coming months. Everyone makes mistakes, but hopefully next time she can avoid this whole mess by just calling a cab.

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