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North Charleston police officer wrecked cruiser, arrested on DUI charges

UPDATE: Monday, 3:45pm

A State Trooper was working an accident in Colleton County on Saturday morning when 2 North Charleston police officers asked if he had any contact with another North Charleston police cruiser, belonging to Nicholas Anthony Lomma. The officers said they didn’t know what was wrong with him, so the Trooper followed the officers to Lomma’s vehicle.

The vehicle was in the middle of the roadway with its blue lights on. The car was otherwise disabled. Lomma had driven into the ditch, damaging the car.

According to the accident report the accident happened around 1:30am and other North Charleston officers didn’t arrive on scene until 7:30am.

Lomma told the Trooper he swerved to miss a deer.


A North Charleston Police officer was arrested Saturday morning in Colleton County on DUI charges.

According to the NCPD Spokesman, 25-year-old Nicholas Anthony Lomma is accused of crashing his  North Charleston Police Department issued car while under the influence.

Lomma was driving a 2009 Crown Victoria.

The State Highway Patrol responded to the accident on Bennett’s Point Road at about 8:00 Saturday morning. He was taken to an area hospital before being booked in the Colleton County Jail.

 North Charleston Police Department officials say the incident is being investigated and will be addressed by the department Monday.

Lomma posted bond Saturday afternoon.

He declined an interview Sunday.

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