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Michael Bush Arrested For a DUI: Good News For the Oakland Raiders

Tim Umphrey/Getty Images

That’s right, Michael Bush was arrested for drinking and driving over the weekend and it’s a good thing.

You might be thinking I’m a little off my rocker for having that opinion, but hear me out.

Bush played a major role in the Raiders’ improvement this past year. While Darren McFadden was clearly the star of the offense, Bush played the role of the bruising back with a burst of speed that helped wear defenses down and allowed McFadden to rest without the running game missing a beat.

Now, with the offseason upon us, Bush is a free agent, and one who is likely to get a lot of serious looks. He is an incredibly talented back and other teams will be clamoring for the opportunity to grab such a young talent.

Add to that the fact that Bush surely has aspirations to be a starting back in the NFL and you have the recipe for a key player leaving the Raiders.

Previously, the biggest hope for Raiders fans was that Al Davis would do the Al Davis thing and simply outbid any other offers for Bush. However, with the news coming over the weekend that Bush was arrested for a DUI, Raiders fans have a new hope. Namely that other teams will now shy away from signing the bruising back because of that whole “character issue” thing that teams are obsessed with.

Some in the Nation might have their own “character issue” concerns over Bush, but let’s think this through.

Bush has never had character issues before. His name never drew criticism while in college and he has been seen as a hard worker and valuable contributor for the Raiders. In three years with the Raiders, there have not been any stories like this one coming out about Bush.

Was Bush wrong for drinking and driving? Yes. It’s dangerous, dumb, and if convicted, could result in missed games for Bush.

Am I concerned that this is suddenly going to become an issue for Bush? No. People make mistakes—what matters is if they learn from them. Bush is far too dedicated to being a great NFL running back to allow something like partying stand in his way.

Additionally, the fact that this occurred during the off-season and we have never heard of anything like this during the regular season is a good sign. The year is over and it really is not a big deal if Raider players are out partying, they deserve the right to have some fun too.

Before this, all signs pointed to Bush being a disciplined player who is focused on his job as an NFL runningback. I doubt this will change the minds of the Oakland Raiders who love Bush, but hopefully other teams in the free agent market will not be so forgiving.

I fully expect this bit of adversity to only fuel Bush to work harder and ensure that he will turn into the dominant back that everyone in the Nation knows he is capable of being. And as much as I wish for Bush to reach that level of success, I want him to do it in Oakland.

Here’s to hoping that this news helps the Raiders hang on to this ever-so-valuable piece of the team, and maybe even hold on to him without breaking the bank.

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