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Lindsay Lohan Theft Case: About That Probation …

Is Lindsay Lohan doubly screwed after being busted for grand theft?

That’s a possibility, given that she was on probation anyway for her DUI, and that her probation standing was shaky even before her recent felony arrest.

Lohan may avoid jail, but it’s far from a lock. Even if the grand theft charges were dropped completely, a judge could revoke Lindsay’s DUI probation.

FUR REAL: LiLo could go to jail either way. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

The judge in the probation case can hold a hearing, sans jury, and has the sole power to decide if Lindsay ran afoul of her probation and take it away.

In a criminal case, the D.A. must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In a probation violation case, the judge has all the power and more leeway.

Sources connected with the D.A.’s office say prosecutors could ask for a year in jail if the judge decides Lindsay violated the terms of her probation.

Chances are, there’s a case to be made that she has done so.

Judge Elden Fox in Beverly Hills, who’s lost patience with Lohan and revoked her probation before, would be the one making the call too. Not good.

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