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Leyritz faces 6 months for DUI

Former Yankees player Jim Leyritz escaped serious prison after a jury in Florida acquitted him of manslaughter charges for a deadly accident. He was convicted of a lesser charge, misdemeanor drunk driving, in the crash, which killed a mother of two. Now, the victim’s husband is speaking out.

Jordan Vetich lost his wife in the horrible drunk driving accident, and he feels like he lost in court as well.

“I was somewhat disappointed in the jury coming back with that verdict,” Veitch said.

Former Yankees catcher Jim Leyritz was on trial in Florida for a fatal accident in December of 2007. He collided with another vehicle driven by a 30-year-old mother, Freida Ann Veitch. She would not survive.

Prosecutors claim Leyritz was drunk behind the wheel when he ran a red light.

This weekend, Leyritz beat the more serious charge of manslaughter which carried 15 years. Instead he’s looking at 6 months for DUI.

The victim’s family left with mixed emotions.

“I don’t think 6 months for a complete life but at the same time intent is not there. The mistake he made caused what happened,” Veitch said.

Leyritz’s moment in the sun was in the 1996 World Series when he belted a home run which helped the Yankees beat the Braves.

Now he is a humbled man who promised jurors he has learned.

“I can guarantee that I will never again have a drunk driving. It doesn’t even have to be over the legal limit. It’s just the fact that you are drinking and driving. That’s something that just can’t happen,” Leyritz said.

“I wish he showed more compassion through this. There was a life taken,” Veitch said

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