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To Keep On Trucking, Don’t Drink Under the Influence

DUI Lawyer Jon Artz, based in Los Angeles, has tips for truck drivers to stay safe on the road.Driving trucks is a dangerous job. According to the Bureau of Labor, truck drivers suffered 918 fatal injuries in 2016, more than workers in any other jobs. Conditions in large rigs are improving, with safety boards urging companies to include airbags and collision avoidance technologies on their trucks. Of course, some dangers are unavoidable but one of the simplest ways to improve safety is within your control. Don’t drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The consequences of being caught over the limit are devastating and incur huge costs, ranging from a fine to your life.

Keep Focused

Trucking requires full concentration on the road at all times. Like all drivers, truckers must face the common dangers of the road – treacherous weather conditions, poor road surfaces, other distracted or inexperienced motorists. And, on top of this, they are operating large rigs, trucks and pickups, the workhorses of the auto industry, often carrying heavy and hazardous materials. Under these circumstances, adding alcohol to the mix would be madness.

Know Your Limits

For truckers, stricter drink driving limits apply. The percentage of alcohol allowed in your blood cannot exceed 0.04%, half that allowed for non-commercial drivers, and you will face harsher penalties for a DUI. A conviction has long-term effects that reach way beyond the immediate inconvenience of being pulled over. Fines and court costs may be followed by community service, jail time and, for a second DUI offense, permanent suspension from driving. Carriers are hard on drivers with DUIs too, because accident liability, higher insurance premiums and loss of business from wary shippers can all affect their livelihood as well.

Check Your Medication

Of course, a DUI isn’t only for alcohol offenses. Illegal and prescription drugs can affect your driving and even consuming over the counter medications which can make you drowsy will be treated as a DUI. And just because it is a legal substance under prescription is no legal defense. With California recently legalizing cannabis and with an increase in drug-fueled accidents in the last few years, it’s also vital for commercial drivers to be alert to other road users affected by drinking and taking drugs.

Trucking can be a hard life, so don’t make it harder for yourself by taking unnecessary risks and deliberately impairing your driving skills. Drive carefully and be aware of your legal rights and limitations so you can keep on driving and earning a good living.

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