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Jaime Pressly Divorcing Her Husband Simran Singh

The life of Jaime Pressly seems to be spiraling out of control. First, she was a victim of getting a DUI a few weeks ago (blowing nearly three times the legal limit of alcohol on her DUI). Now, it looks as if the former My Name is Earl star will be splitting from her husband. She also owes the IRS a lot of money, about $600,000, and now there is a rumor saying that she is getting divorced from her husband Simran Singh, with whom she’s been married since September 26, 2009.

Prior to him she was engaged to Eric Calvo and had a baby with him, Dezi James Calvo, who will be 3 on May 11. You never know what is somebody’s rock bottom or what causes them to do the things they do, but the DUI thing, especially when she has a child is just too much.

I can understand wanting to drown your sorrows if you get a $600,000 bill from the government (although I’m pretty sure at some point in your life you realized you hadn’t paid taxes in a while), and your marriage breaks up, but to get behind the wheel of a car? No way. These photos were from just last week when she had lunch with some friends. She had iced tea.

Article written by Michael Lambarde

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