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How Vehicle Technology Can Help You Stay Safe and Sober

Nearly 30 people die each year in the US in drunk driving crashes or one person in 28 minutes. These deaths and crashes cost $44 billion in 2017 alone. One of the ways to prevent drunk driving is to use technology. Gadgets and devices whether fitted in cars or as standalone equipment alert drivers if their alcohol consumption is beyond the legal limits, detect distracted driving, and improve roadway safety. Take a look at the following tech to help you stay safe on the road.

Breathalyzer Kits

A practical way to determine if your alcohol limits are excessive is to use Breathalyzer kits. They can be purchased from online shops and drug stores, and you can easily test your own alcohol levels.

It’s also useful to carry one with you even if you’re not the driver in case your designated chauffeur is tipsy. Top quality breathalyzers help you avoid driving under the influence (DUI). Some even remember results of previous tests and use sensors that are police-grade technology ensuring that you are getting accurate numbers.

Best Breathalyzer Kits

If you’re willing to invest in a reliable and professional grade breathalyzer kits, there are some brands that meets the standards. These include the BACtrack S80 which is a professional breathalyzer and accordingly, provides the best results close to those produced by professional police equipment.

Another device is the BACtrack Trace Professional Breathalyzer that has the same tech used by hospitals and law enforcement agencies. It is simple and easy to operate and stores your last 10 readings. The BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer converts your smartphone into a personal breathalyzer via Bluetooth. Simply breathe in your BACtrack and the results are sent to your Android or iOS phones. You will see your reading as well as a ZeroLine estimate when your BAC returns to 0.00%.

Cameras and Sensors

Cameras and sensors in cars not only enhance the performance and safety of a vehicle when it is driven, it can also detect if a driver is distracted or intoxicated and intervene to prevent accidents. For example, Volvo is planning to install sensors in its cars by 2020 to help identify drivers who are under the influence.

If the sensors notice that drivers are distracted, drunk, or tired, the vehicle will intervene by reducing the car’s speed, alerting a call center, or even slowing down and parking at a safe place. To ensure that a car’s sensors and cameras work properly, diagnostic tools and scans may be used. They not only tell you what is happening with your car, but also find possible issues and flaws.

Best Reverse Parking Sensors

Although backup sensors are standard features in new cars, you don’t have to upgrade your vehicle to benefit from these devices. You can buy sensors and install them on your rides. For example, the PEAK PCK0RE Wireless Backup Parking Sensor System is easy to install. Signals are transmitted from the sensors to the indicators on your car’s dashboard providing the distance to obstacles using color coded lights. It detects objects within 5 feet of the vehicle.

The Hopkins 60100VA nVision Back Up Sensor System gives 3 audible warnings when obstacles are detected while the LESHP Parking Sensor is fitted with 4 ultrasonic sensors for precise readings of the distance of obstacles to your vehicle.

Ignition Interlocks  

An ignition interlock device (IID) or breath alcohol ignition device (BAID) is attached to a vehicle and requires the driver to blow into the mouthpiece before starting the car. If you are above the prescribed limit, the engine won’t start preventing drunk driving. They are often installed after a DUI, OWI or DWI as a requirement from the court or the Department of Motor Vehicles.

However, drivers can voluntarily install them in their vehicles to deter drunk driving. Studies show that installing IIDs in cars have benefits reducing the number of deaths in drunk driving crashes.

Best Ignition Interlock Provider

If you are planning to install an ignition interlock in your vehicle, it is important to check providers carefully. Choose one that meets state requirements and avoid those that have already been suspended or decertified several times. State requisites may include service centers, camera verification, or real-time reporting.

The top ignition interlock providers are Intoxalock, SmartStart, LifeSafer, and Gaurdian. Intoxalock is highly rated for its ease of use, price, technology, and locations.

Technology can save many lives by preventing drivers from getting behind the wheel when they are impaired and under the influence of alcohol. These devices and gadgets help teach safe driving habits and may even take control of the vehicle bringing the driver and its occupants to safety.

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