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Gibson's anti-Semitic remarks predate DUI tape, Ryder says

Gibson’s anti-Semitic remarks predate DUI tape, Ryder says

(JTA) — Actor Mel Gibson made “anti-Semitic and homophobic” remarks long before he was caught on tape making those kind of comments, actress Winona Ryder said.

Ryder in the January issue of GQ said that the actor-director was anti-Semitic and homophobic, but “No one believed me,” the New York Post reported Thursday.

Ryder, who is Jewish, said that at a Hollywood party 15 years ago, Gibson called Jews “oven dodgers,” referring to the ovens of the Nazi extermination camps — a term she said she had never heard before. 

During a 2006 DUI arrest captured on tape, Gibson shouted anti-Semitic epithets at a Jewish traffic officer.

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