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Faith Evans Gets 3 Years Probation in DUI Case

Faith Evans has apparently received three years probation over an August DUI.

One of Hip Hop’s most heralded singer and the former wife of the Notorious B.I.G. has apparently received three years probation over a DUI incident from August of this year. According to, Evans apparently worked with the prosecutors to reduce her charge from two counts of driving under the influence to reckless driving by pleading no contest.

In addition to the three years probation, Evans faces a number of other punitive measures. She will also have to pay $300 in fines, complete a 3 month alcohol rehabilitation program and must not be found guilty of driving under any measureable amount of alcohol.

This most recent arrest comes on the tails of a 2004 arrest in which Evans and her husband were found in possession of drugs.Evans avoiding jail time by entering into a pretrial drug-abuse intervention program, which she sang about on 2005’s “Again.”

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