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ESPN's Adam Schefter, Donte' Stallworth spar on Twitter

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ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Donte’ Stallworth spar on Twitter



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    Count on Twitter to spice up an otherwise boring weekend in the NFL offseason.

    ESPN’s Adam Schefter incurred the wrath of Donte’ Stallworth Saturday with a tweet that revisited the Baltimore Ravens WR’s DUI manslaughter conviction in 2009.

    Schefter spent some of the day tweeting about the impending release of Giants WR Plaxico Burress, who is serving a two-year prison sentence for a weapons charge stemming from when he accidentally shot himself in the leg in a nightclub. Then Schefter retweeted the following, originally tweeted by a fan:

    “Donte Stallworth and Leonard Little killed people. Burress hurt himself only, but he got harshest punishment. Travesty!”

    Stallworth, who served 24 days in jail for his crime, responded:

    “Yo @AdamSchefter, keep my name out your tweets homie, straight up!!!”

    A few minutes later he added:

    “You’re so concerned about my boy Plax, if you haven’t visited him or wrote him then keep quiet until you do! @AdamSchefter”

    Schefter did not respond on Saturday night.

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