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What Defines Good DUI Lawyer?


“What Defines a ‘Good’ DUI Attorney?”

Video Transcript:

Many people might wonder: is a good criminal attorney good enough? Or someone who purports to be a good DUI attorney. The answer is, it depends. Is this an attorney who really goes to trial? And wins? Is this an attorney who will really work for you and develop the facts and the defenses so that you can be successful at the time of trial? Is this an attorney who will suggest to you about how you can use character evidence and other facts that can create a reasonable doubt? Will this attorney be aggressive in fighting the DMV? Many attorneys don’t understand the chemistry involved in a DUI trial. Many attorneys are either too busy or not confident to present a full defense to the jury and win the DUI trial. It’s important for anyone who is looking for a good DUI attorney to ask questions and find out about his or her track record and whether that attorney wins cases at the time of trial. The prosecutor knows who goes to trial and wins. They have an incentive to make deals when an experienced, successful DUI specialist is threatening them with a jury trial.

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