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DUI Checkpoint Issues?


“How Serious Is a DUI Checkpoint Arrest?”

In this video, find out why DUI checkpoint arrests can be unlawful, when you retain a skilled DUI attorney in Los Angeles.

Video Transcript:

If you have been arrested as a result of driving to a DUI checkpoint, I have some good news for you. A recent trial was a checkpoint arrest. I was able to spend 15-20 minutes with the arresting officer talking about no evidence of mental impairment. The officer could not state one fact that indicated that my client’s ability to drive was impaired or was affected by the alcohol. I was able to demonstrate to the jury through the officer’s testimony that she stopped exactly at the point the officer wanted, that she was able to drive correctly through cones over to the curb, that she had no problems with her depth perception, that she was able to use her feet for gas and brakes perfectly. There was no evidence that this person was affected at the moment in time she was driving. I showed through expert testimony that her blood alcohol level went up from the time of the driving to the time of the chemical test. The result of the trial was 12-zip 12-zip not guilty. I also prepared my client to testify how she drove in this case. From the restaurant she drove perfectly, she was not impaired as she was driving down the roadway, that she was keeping her car perfectly centered, that she saw the checkpoint ahead of her, and had no fear or consciousness of guilt. She knew she was OK to drive. And she drove into that checkpoint perfectly. It’s very helpful to a jury to explain those facts in detail.

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