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Drinking and Driving Myths

DUI laws are getting tougher, and law enforcement is getting stricter. So why are so many people still drinking and driving and getting arrested for DUI?

Blaming it on alcohol addiction is understandable. After all, alcoholism is a real condition that needs treatment. There are drunk drivers, however, who have no qualms about drinking and driving because they believe there are things they can do that will help them dodge a DUI arrest!

DUI Myths

Common DUI Myths - Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Jon Artz

For example, there’s this drunk driving myth going around that you only have to suck on a penny with the belief that having a trace of copper in your mouth can fool a breathalyzer, never mind that breathalyzers test air coming from deep within your lungs, not your mouth.

Another myth that drivers must ignore completely is this one – “If I drink only beer I will still be okay to drive.” As far as alcohol content is concerned, drinking 12 ounces of beer is just like downing a shot (an ounce and a half) of whiskey.

Some think that if they drink and drive slowly, they won’t be stopped on suspicion of drunk driving. First, driving too slowly can make police suspicious. There’s also the fact that alcohol affects your senses just the same. You could be cruising at 15mph and still fall into a ditch or drive in the wrong lane.

There are also drivers who think, “As long as I take the back roads, cops won’t be able to catch me.” What makes them think law enforcement isn’t watching the back roads?

How to Avoid a DUI Arrest

The only real way to avoid getting arrested for DUI is never to drink and drive. Check out this article with five safe driving habits to implement when you’re behind the wheel.

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