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Do Not Defend Yourself in Your DUI Case – Here’s Why

back of lawyer talking to magistrate in courtYou may have heard that you can defend yourself in court. This is technically true, and while there are many more legal resources available today than ever before, it is not a good idea for a DUI case in California.

Defense of a DUI charge is one of the more complicated legal defenses and it takes experience, resources, and time. These are things you don’t have. Experienced DUI attorneys know what to look for in a case. They know what questions to ask and where a mistake could have been made. Most importantly, they know how to substantiate any legal claim they make. You, however, probably don’t. So, why else shouldn’t you defend yourself?

In this guide, we will outline the top 5 reasons you should not defend yourself in a DUI case.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Defend Yourself in DUI Cases

1. You Lack Experience

If you don’t know the law and have no experience in court, you won’t know what to look for in terms of a defense. You won’t know what paperwork or deadlines are associated with such a case. You also won’t know what items to contest or how to contest them. People spend 8+ years going to law school. After that, several more years before they become an experienced DUI attorney. You may be smart and motivated, but the chances of you learning this much in a short period of time definitely stacks the deck against you.

2. Your Resources Are Limited

Since you are not a lawyer, your resources are limited. Firstly, there are databases online, resources, libraries, books, documents, and more which attorneys have access to – perhaps as a direct result of their schooling, their participation in professional organizations, or their personal collections. Trying to defend yourself without the necessary experience makes for a lot more work and research, but you won’t have access to the resources needed to do this. Moreover, attorneys can, for example, get access to information from a medical testing facility or a police station much easier than you can.

3. It Is Very Time Consuming

On that note, even if you had access to these resources, your time is limited. You are only one person. By comparison, hiring an attorney allows you to have their entire office at your disposal. That attorney can ask a handful of paralegals to concurrently research all of the elements of your case, taking a fraction of the time you would invest. And given the legal deadlines for filing certain paperwork in a DUI case, time is not on your side.

4. Most DUI Attorneys Offer Free Consultations

When you first seek advice from counsel, it won’t cost you anything until they take on the case. That means the initial consultation is free. There is no harm in capitalizing on a free consultation in order to figure out what steps should be taken, and what the potential outcomes of your case might be.

5. Long Term It Costs More

Long term, the costs of trying to defend yourself in your DUI case will be much higher compared to hiring an attorney. This is because your lack of experience, limited resources, and perhaps limited time will most likely leave you with higher fines and more detrimental sentencing. With an attorney, the fines can be reduced. Even when you factor in attorney fees, the money saved can help you come out ahead.

Finding the Best California DUI Defense Attorney

While you may be eager to defend yourself, and confident in your abilities to do so, you should at least take the time to speak with an experienced DUI attorney. They can evaluate your case and tell you what steps to take, and what possible outcomes you are facing.

DUI is a serious issue that can have permanent effects on the rest of your professional and personal life. Don’t make the mistake of trying to represent yourself. It is not a matter of how smart or dedicated you are. At the end of the day, attorneys have access to far more resources than you ever could, and that is only a fraction of a reason they are a better choice than representing yourself.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Los Angeles, call Jon Bryant Artz a call today.

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