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Probation Violation

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Los Angeles Probation Violation Attorney

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In the county of Los Angeles, whenever a defendant has been convicted of either a felony or a misdemeanor, there is sometimes an option for the defendant to undergo probation rather than incarceration. The purpose of probation is supposed to be a form of rehabilitation, but in many cases, those who are on probation are tasked with a huge list of various stringent requirements.

There are so many restrictions and rules, however, that sometimes an individual may accidentally break a rule, whether that means being a few minutes late to a curfew or forgetting to alert the probation officer of a change of address. The consequences of a probation violation are often rapid and severe which could result in you serving your full original sentence. This is why you need our Los Angeles probation violation lawyers from Artz & Sturm Law Group to protect your rights immediately.

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Types of Probation in Los Angeles

According to the laws of California, there exist two primary kinds of probation – informal and formal. The Penal Code Section 1203 of California states that any judge can replace jail time with probation instead, to offer the opportunity of rehabilitation rather than simply incarcerating defendants.

Whatever type of probation has been granted to you, however, there will always be conditions and expectations that you are required to follow, which will be specified individually by the court judge. Just a few of these terms include anything from fines of restitution to counseling and AA meetings, community service to progress reviews.

Fighting a Probation Violation Charge

Because probation is viewed as a privilege rather than a legalized right, many judges are quick to take away the option for probation the moment it seems like a defendant has broken the probation boundaries. As a result, you could have your freedom snatched away from you, even for a mere accident. This is why it is crucial to fight these charges before it is too late.

Here are some examples of probation violations which we have been successful in defending our clients from, including:

  • Forgetting to attend a meeting in court or coming late to court proceedings
  • Being found in possession of illegal drugs or weapons
  • Failing to attend a meeting with your probation officer or arriving late
  • Being found walking through areas where known crimes have been committed
  • Not paying the full restitution demanded
  • Being convicted or arrested for another crime
  • Forgetting to fulfill all the terms of rehabilitation or attending community service
  • Being found holding company with anyone that the court warned against

Get Knowledgeable Counsel Immediately

There is no single consequence for neglecting certain terms of your violation. Depending on the nature of the breach, you could get a warning, but you could also get a formal hearing. Usually, those at these hearings tend to be unsympathetic, which could result in you losing your probation entirely. Trust in Artz & Sturm Law Group to help you fight these charges.

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