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Cheryl Reimann sentenced to 15 years for DUI manslaughter

Tampa, Florida- A Hillsborough judge sentences 28 year old Cheryl Reimann to 15 years in jail and 8 years probation for DUI manslaughter and DUI with Serious Bodily Injury. Reimann admitted to driving drunk on September 10, 2008.

Troopers say her blood alcohol level tested three times the legal limit. A deputy saw Reimann driving in the wrong direction on the Crosstown Expressway for about 2 miles. Reimann hit head on the vehicle driven by 24 year old Jennifer O’Boyle, her 4 year daughter was a passenger. O’Boyle died at the scene. Summer suffered broken arms, legs, a pelvis and serious brain injury.

In court a tearful Reimann asked the Summer’s family for forgiveness. “I know no matter how much time passes I could never make up for what I’ve done,” Reimann told Summer’s family.

Summer’s grandmother, Tammie Rosian, has been caring for Summer through her multiple surgeries. Rosian says she wants others to know her daughter’s story to show what drinking and driving can do. “If I can save one life or two lives I’m happy,” says Rosian.

Psychologists testified Reiman suffered from childhood trauma including neglect and abuse that led to her risky behavior. In the end Judge John Sleet told Reimann she had been given many chances throughout the life and it was her choice to drink and drive on that day. Sleet said to Reimann what she did was “selfish and destructive and had deadly consequences.”

Reimann’s sentence includes revoking her driver’s license for life, random urine tests for alcohol, 500 hours of community service and 400 of those hours to be spent lecturing in middle schools and high schools about her crime. Finally Sleet ordered Reimann to carry on her a picture of Summer and her deceased mother everyday she is in prison.

Rosian says no one came out a winner today. She adds Reimann’s sentence won’t bring her daughter back or make her granddaughter well but it will close a chapter in their lives and allow them to move forward.

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