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BUccaneers' Mike Wiliams Cleared Of DUI Charges

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams has been cleared of the DUI charges handed down after a November 19 traffic stop.

According to police reports, after a pair of tests, Williams’ blood alcohol level was .065 and .061, below the legal limit of .08.

Williams was arrested despite not exceeding the legal limit and was released on bond to board a plane to San Francisco to face the 49ers that weekend.

Williams, who had a few behavioral mishaps at the University of Syracuse, fell to the Buccaneers in the fourth round because of his bad reputation, but he has been nothing short of spectacular on the field as a finalist for the Rookie of the Year award and, aside from this incident, stellar in the locker room and off the field as well.

The Buccaneers stood behind Williams throughout this incident’s development.

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