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Why Jon Bryant Artz?

Top 10 Reasons to Call Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Jon Artz

  1. Jon has specialized in California DUI Defense for 40 years.
  2. He’s an expert in “Creative Sentencing” to help clients avoid jail.
  3. He gets “All Charges Dismissed” in over 90% of his DUI jury trials.
  4. His winning track record as a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles motivates prosecutors to cut better deals.
  5. He’s an expert in blood-alcohol science, chemistry, and detection technology.
  6. Jon created trial strategies that have become standard practice in CA DUI Defense.
  7. He belongs to an elite corps of “Celebrity DUI lawyers” in Southern California.
  8. He is one of four DUI lawyers who “wrote the book” on California DUI Defense.
  9. Legal experts have called Jon the “Best DUI Attorney in California”.
  10. Offers comprehensive DUI, DMV, and addiction recovery solutions.

Jon’s Peers Say…

Terry Jill Adamson, J.D. | Top 10 Reasons to Call Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Jon ArtzJon Artz’ motions are considered to be some of the best motions. He’ll come up with something creative or original that other attorneys haven’t thought of—and then other attorneys will follow his lead.

Terry Jill Adamson, J.D. | Distinguished Jurist in Residence, Pepperdine University School of Law, Malibu Superior Court Commissioner (ret.)