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Why is Jon Artz considered “The Best DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles”?

Protect your career and future by hiring the DUI attorney that ESPN’s legal analyst called “the best DUI lawyer in California.”

Top 10 Reasons why Jon Bryant Artz is one of the best Los Angeles DUI lawyers around.

    • Jon Artz keeps 99% of his clients out of jail and driving.


    • Jon Artz wrote the book on California DUI Law. Mr. Artz is one of the authors of “California Drunk Driving Law,” the “bible” of California DUI Defense, and the creator of dozens of legal Motions and Jury Instructions that have become standard practice for California DUI Defense.


    • Jon Artz has been working as a DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles for 47 years. Mr. Artz has specialized in California drunk driving and “drug driving” DUI defense since 1972, and is a preeminent, popular speaker on DUI Law and DUI Jury Trial strategies with California’s most prestigious bench and bar associations.


    • Jon Artz is an expert in Alternative Sentencing. Mr. Artz is an expert on creative sentencing strategies to keep DUI clients out of prison and jail, such as restricted licenses, SCRAM ankle devices, verified AA recovery, and live-in rehab counting as “time served” to avoid “mandatory” jail time.


    • Jon Artz knows how to win difficult DUI trials as a defense attorney. Most Los Angeles DUI attorneys settle their DUI cases out of court via plea bargaining rather than take the case to trial. Mr. Artz is one of the few DUI attorneys who has the confidence and skill to take difficult DUI cases to a full jury trial—and win.


    • Jon Artz wins “Not Guilty” verdicts in 90% of DUI Trials. Mr. Artz gets “all charges dismissed” in over 80% of his jury trials, even with difficult cases involving prior arrests, injury accidents, eye witnesses, high blood alcohol levels, and BAC test refusals.


    • Jon Artz’ success motivates DA’s to cut better deals. Mr. Artz’ outstanding reputation with prosecutors gives him an advantage over other DUI attorneys in Los Angeles: the prosecutors are more willing to make pre-trial concessions to Mr. Artz’ clients in order to avoid an expensive, public trial that they know they will probably lose.


    • Jon Artz is an expert in blood-alcohol science. Mr. Artz has an expert-level understanding of blood alcohol chemistry and the various technologies used to measure and detect blood alcohol and drug content, and he skillfully uses that knowledge to weaken the prosecution’s case.


    • Jon Artz cares about clients, not just cases. Mr. Artz is compassionate, down-to-earth, funny—and a surprisingly affordable DUI lawyer. He is detailed and thorough in his case research, and has an authenticity and confidence that is comforting and reassuring to frightened clients.


    • Jon Artz is a strong advocate with the DMV. Mr. Artz is tenacious and effective at helping clients keep their driver’s license and their right to drive, often making personal appearances on their behalf so that they don’t even have to appear at their own DMV hearings.


    • Jon Artz is knowledgeable about addiction and recovery issues. Jon’s expertise extends beyond DUI Defense to include 12-step recovery programs and the ability to make informed referrals to drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, treatment programs, and 12-Step meetings.


With so much at stake in a DUI case, the most important question is…

Can you afford not to hire DUI Lawyer Jon Bryant Artz?

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Jon Artz’ motions are considered to be some of the best motions. He’ll come up with something creative or original that other attorneys haven’t thought of—and then other attorneys will follow his lead.
Terry Jill Adamson, J.D. | Distinguished Jurist in Residence, Pepperdine University School of Law, Malibu Superior Court Commissioner (ret.)

Prosecutors know I will take a case to trial.

“As a result of practicing criminal defense for 40 years, I know the
Judges and District Attorneys—and more importantly—they know me.”

Jon Bryant Artz and former L.A. District Attorney Steve Cooley.

Three-term Los Angeles County District Attorney Stephen Cooley with
Jon Artz in 2010. Steve’s note to Jon: “You’re great!