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7 DUI Charges, Bond is Revoked – KPTM

Meghan McRoberts

OMAHA (KPTM)- Former Omaha State Bank Vice President, Mark Dahir, had two court hearings Friday, relating to his most recent DUI charges.

The first appearance addressed Dahir’s arrest February 15, 2011, for DUI at 132and and Leavenworth. Prosecutors also say he tested positive for meth. Dahir’s attorney, Steve Lefler, requested a bond of $100,000. The state requested a $250,000 bond, but the judge ultimately chose that he would have a $500,000 bond, with 10% bail.

A disappointed attorney, Lefler stated “I think this is a life clearly worth giving another chance to, but it’s not up to me, it’s up to a judge sometimes it takes two, three, four times, for us to go through it and it finally sink in, though it may never sink in.”

Dahir’s most recent DUI charge is his 7th DUI offense. Prosecutors reduced four of his six charges since 1998.

His second hearing today addressed a DUI charge in the summer of 2010. The judge decided to revoke that bond.

Lefler negotiated time in the Siena Francis House for rehabilitation, and stated that the injuries Dahir suffered in his recent accident did not make him a flight risk, but the judge differed.

His repeat offenses support his addiction, which Lefler said “he wishes he didn’t have the addiction issue, life would be a lot easier for him”

VA Psychiatrist Aly Hassan said addiction is “like a chronic illness, an ongoing illness, it’s not like a sore throat, you get an antibiotic and we’re done, it’s more like hypertension, it’s more like diabetes, where it’s an ongoing condition”

Dahir has sought treatment in the past, but judges think his drinking and driving tendencies are too dangerous to society.

Legislators in Lincoln will also be debating a few bills next week that will crack down on repeat DUI offenders.

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