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Auto Manufacturers and DUIs – Can Something Be Done at Factory Level To Curb DUI Incidents?

Car keys and fallen empty glass on the tableThere’s nothing quite like a statistic to get people to sit up and pay attention, and the CDC used exactly that sentiment to let Americans know that 29 people lose their lives every day in an accident that involves an alcohol-impaired driver. They take this statistic and break it down further to one death every 50 minutes. Although ridesharing apps have brought down the statistics a bit, there are still far too many incidents on the road for people to feel complacent. The answer isn’t just to avoid being caught, but for measures to be in place to make it impossible for drivers to get behind the wheel while inebriated and keep Los Angeles roads safe.

DUI’s And What They Actually Mean

A joint task force between the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department Traffic Services Detail and the Malibu Lost Hills Station may have seemed like a victory, as they netted 11 arrests. However, what may seem like a victory only highlights the importance of stopping drunk drivers in their tracks before they get behind the wheel in the first place. The screenings also revealed another painful truth and that is that drivers were found to be under the influence of other substances too.

The Future of DUI Tech

The technology to keep drunk drivers from driving their car is already in place, it just needs to be rolled out across production lines. Car manufacturers are held to extremely high standards where car safety is concerned and concealed defects are a serious matter. Before rolling out new tech, it needs to be tested extensively to ensure the safety of not only the driver and passengers, but also pedestrians and others making use of the road. Until that happens, drivers will need to look towards other means to get home safely after a night out on town. According to the Los Angeles Times, liquor manufacturers are looking at autonomous cars to be the future of a big night out on town. Not only will the self-driving car provide safer transport home, but may also drive liquor sales higher as there is no need for a designated driver.

Low-Key Alcohol Detection for Awareness

While manufacturers are still working on the means to make it difficult for drunk drivers to start their car, others have designed ways to make drivers more aware of their sobriety. A wristband that detects blood alcohol levels are making drivers more aware of their alcohol intake by feeding the information to an app. Another attempt at making drivers more aware is the breathalyzer that fits onto a car’s keychain, which acts as a constant reminder to check alcohol levels.

While lawmakers and car manufacturers are working on ways to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the road, drivers have a responsibility to remain sober.

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