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First green lights on DUI Victims Trees in Delaware

Colored lights are now going up on the DUI Victim’s Trees.  Over the holiday weekend there were 13 alcohol related crashes that injured 11 people, so 11 green bulbs will go up on the trees at Beebe, Kent General, Milford and A-I DuPont hospitals.  No red lights have been added – signifying alcohol related deaths.  Last year, the Victim’s Trees ended the holiday season with 4 red bulbs and 49 green bulbs. 


NEWS RELEASE:  First DUI Victim’s Tree Update 11 Injured in DUI Crashes

Dover –  The holiday driving season is not off to a good start.  According to police reports, over the thanksgiving holiday there were 13 alcohol related crashes that resulted in eleven (11) persons injured.  Subsequently, 11 green light bulbs will be added to the DUI Victim’s Trees, located in Beebe, Kent General, Milford Memorial, and A.I. DuPont hospitals. These will be the first colored bulbs placed on the trees since the start of the Safe Family Holiday Campaign last week. 

The DUI Victim’s Tree project memorializes alcohol-related deaths and injuries that occur during the campaign period by placing colored light bulbs on the tree to represent each victim.  Each red bulb on the tree symbolizes someone killed in an alcohol-related crash in Delaware between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.  Each green light bulb symbolizes someone injured in an impaired driving crash.  Last year, four people were killed and 49 injured in alcohol-related crashes in Delaware during the holiday season.

In conjunction with Safe Family Holiday awareness efforts, OHS is hosting its first Mocktail Party next week in partnership with Christiana Hospital, at the hospital on Dec. 9th from 10:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m.  Mocktails are non-alcoholic cocktail parties which showcase how to host a responsible holiday gathering.  Examples of non-alcoholic punches and high protein foods are served, recipe books provided, and OHS staff will be on hand to distribute information on the consequences of impaired driving.

Currently, 31 (or 34%) of the 90 people killed in Delaware traffic deaths since January 1st have been alcohol-related. Two sobriety checkpoints, as well as statewide DUI saturation patrols are scheduled to occur this weekend.  You can prevent alcohol-related crashes by being a HERO – Be a Designated Driver, or make sure you appoint one before you go out for the evening if you plan to drink alcohol.

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