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New Tennessee laws for 2011

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT/AP) – Several “new” Tennessee laws are in effect as of the new year.

And some of those laws are considered controversial by many.

A new state law aims to make you think twice about drinking and driving.

As of new year’s day, drunk drivers no longer must wait for their second DUI conviction before a judge orders an ignition lock on their car.

Mother’s Against Drunk Driving also backs the new law, saying the devices “could save thousands of lives and allow offenders to drive while not endangering the public.”

Drunk driving hits home for Jake Drug, who admits a history of alcohol related car wrecks in his own family.

“I have lost a lot of family from that. I definitely agree with the new law, and good job Tennessee,” says Jake Drug.

Under the new law, first time DUI convicts with a blood alcohol level of .15 must now prove they are sober before they can drive.

How does it work? Picture a breathalyzer hooked to your car’s ignition. No alcohol, no problem.

Critics say it’s a tough stance for first offenders.

Another new law some consider much more controversial targets illegal immigrants.

Every jail across Tennessee now must report suspected illegals to federal immigration authorities.

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