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Day 15: Montana Legislature At A Glance

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Day 15: Montana Legislature at a Glance

On Thursday, January 20, 2011 legislators continued hearings on more DUI bills. One of which would allow game wardens to issue MIP citations. Senator Jim Shockley (R-Victor) is carrying the bill in hopes it will help curb underage drinking.

Senator Jim Shockley (R-Victor) stepped down from his chairmanship of Senate Judiciary. He says the decision was made after news got out that he had been cited for driving with an open container.

Senate Fish and Game heard a series of bills. One of which, sponsored by Senator John Brenden (R-Scobey) would prevent Fish Wildlife and Parks from relocating bison, or allowing free roaming bison in Montana.

Two falconers brought their captive falcons to Senate Fish and Game. They were testifying in support of Senator Larry Jent’s (D-Bozeman) bill which would allow out of state resident to come to Montana and capture raptors to be used for falconry.

The House passed a second reading of Representative Keith Regier’s (R-Kalispell) Pregnant Mothers Protection Act. The Act criminalizes the offense involving the death of an “unborn child.” The measure passed in 70-29 vote. It must pass a third reading before going to the Senate Floor.

The House moved Representative Janna Taylor’s (R-Dayton) vehicular homicide bill into the Senate. The bills allows 16 year olds to be tried as adults in vehicular homicide cases involving DUI.

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