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About Craig Sturm

The Law Office of Jon Artz is so proud to announce my new law partner, Craig Sturm.

What makes a great criminal defense attorney?  A great trial attorney?  An attorney that has passion, that cares, works hard, studies the law, files motions to exclude evidence. and goes to trial and wins.  That describes Craig Sturm.  Mr. Sturm has defended clients charged with felonies and misdemeanor ranging from drug charges, violent crimes, murder, and dui.  His reputation for successfully winning cases and his victorious trial record have earned him several recognitions in the legal community, including peer classification as a Super Lawyer.  Artz and Sturm Law Group is proud of his results which shout out success for his clients, e.g. a recent not guilty in a murder trial. 

Craig has a passion to help defendants.  He has specialized in criminal defense.  Craig started with the Los Angeles Public Defender’s office in Los Angeles where he honed his craft and tried cases.  Craig has watched how cases can be mishandled by prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys.  He decided to go into private practice and joined  one of the largest California defense firms and worked his way up to managing attorney before he decided to open his own firm in downtown Los Angeles.  Mr. Sturm is personally involved and concerned about the outcome of all his cases.  He uses every defense strategy possible (and creates some) with the goal to get the criminal charges reduced or dropped! 

You have the right to a vigorous, comprehensive, and intelligently planned defense.  There are many lawyers in Southern California.  Mr. Sturm has always provided top-notched, client-oriented service, listening to his clients as to their goals and keeping you out of jail, using his knowledge of the court system, his professional contacts with the prosecutors and judges.  The prosecution understands that if they do not reasonably negotiate a case, they will wind up in a courtroom where they have to convince all 12 jurors that Mr Sturm’s client is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.